Pledge to take eight GREEN steps with us, one at a time or all at once!

Horsham Repair Café


Don’t replace, keep products for at least seven years. We run the Horsham Repair Cafe or find another one in Sussex here or somewhere else in the World here.

Retro Clothes

Retro clothes

Buy local preloved in charity shops, Depop, Vinted etc., maximum of three new items a year if you must.

Reduce, Refill, Rent


Books, clothes, cloth nappies, toys and tool libraries, & cars – Co-Wheels community car sharing are great!

Refill and Reduce

Refill and reduce

Don’t replace and recycle, refill – food, coffee cups, water bottle, personal hygiene and household cleaning bottles. Even better ‘give dry a try’ by purchasing concentrates – shampoo, conditioner and kitchen bare bars, laundry sheets etc and add the water at home!  Learn more here.

Reduce - Refuse to Fly

Reduce/refuse to fly

Ideally we need to reduce to a maximum one flight every three years or at least reduce the number of flights you are currently taking. 

Grow Sustainably - Eat Green

Eat green

Ideally eat loose, local and in season fruit and vegetables. Preferably remove beef and dairy from your diet. At minimum have a meat free Monday each week. No food waste and compost at home

Plant for the Pollinators

Plant for the pollinators

Choose plants for ALL seasons, starting with snowdrops, primroses – choose organic bulbs and seeds. Let an area of the garden go WILD. No mow May.