Saving Energy can Save Money AND Protect the Planet

Around 21% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from our homes. With the increase in energy prices that we have seen, making your home more energy efficient will lower your energy bills.

Good for the planet and your pocket!

There are 3 approaches to energy saving in the home:

  1. If you don’t have money to spend in your home, don’t despair. Making lifestyle changes that save you energy and money are a still a good bet.
  2. Reducing the amount of energy your home wastes either through leaking houses or inefficient appliances big lead to big savings.
  3. Switching to renewable energy sources can reduce your bills and help you generate green energy.
Money Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips that don’t Cost the Earth

Save energy and money without having to invest in retrofitting your home or other big outlays.

Energy Efficiency

Improve Energy Efficiency in your Home

Your home could be losing 70% of its heat through its roof, walls and windows. Improving energy efficiency of your home through retrofit.

Renewable energy

Renewable Energy that Saves you Money

Generate your own green electricity at home, and get paid to supply it back to the grid.

Other Laundry Saving Ideas

Heated Airers

Tumble dryers are expensive to run and use a lot of energy so try to dry clothes on racks and save £70 a year. Clothes will dry quicker in an airing cupboard, by the boiler or a radiator. Just remember to ventilate the room with extractor fan or trickle window vent so you don’t create condensation in the house.

An alternative to a tumble dryer is using heated airers. These are great to use when it’s wet outside. It takes longer to dry on an airer but the running costs (and therefore energy used) is about half that of a tumble dryer.


Our founder, Carrie, hates ironing and hasn’t used an iron for year! It saves time and electricity. After clothes have dried, Carrie rolls them up and pops them in a drawer and the creases disappear.

Schemes and Grants to Save Energy

Horsham District Council have put together a list of schemes and grants to help you achieve your energy saving goals. These include:

  • Small changes, big savings: Quick tips to save home energy and cut your bills.
  • Warmer Homes grant funding.
  • Energy saving advice and support.
  • Are you eligible for a Warm Homes Discount?
  • Winter Payments to help reduce your energy bills.
  • Retrofitting advice.
HDC energy saving

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Money Saving Energy

Saving Energy can Save Money AND Protect the Planet

Around 21% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from our homes.…