What’s Give Dry a Try?

Give Dry a Try is our initiative aimed at empowering everyone to embrace eco-friendly, concentrated alternatives to everyday household products. From washing up liquid to laundry detergent, shampoo, conditioner, and even toothpaste, we’re challenging the norm and redefining sustainability in our homes.  While we’re familiar with the convenience of plastic bottles, we often overlook their environmental footprint. The impact of mining, making and transporting plastic bottles and their contents, transportation of recycling any bottles and the ecological burden of associated non-recyclable plastic wrapping is vast.  Concentrated alternatives eliminate the need for excessive packaging (or any packaging), are made with environmentally friendly ingredients, contain no more than 20% water compared to traditional counterparts, and pose no harm to the environment. It’s time to make the switch for a greener future—for both our planet and ourselves

Why Should We Do It?

Because water-free household cleaning and personal hygiene products are a powerful weapon in the battle against climate change, fossil fuel extraction, greenhouse gas emissions, waste, single-use plastics, hard-to-recycle materials, and pollution. With their use we champion environmental preservation by living a more sustainable lifestyle and potentially saving ourselves some money.

We are coming full-circle since we first embraced liquid soap pumps and bottles – they offered some respite from excessive plastic waste – but now we need to go further and also address the fact that these products are almost entirely made up of…. water!  Liquid products contain a staggering 85% water and the continued global transportation of these products is perpetuating unnecessary environmental strain. Instead add the water from your tap at home! 

HOW Can We Do It?

Fear not, we’re here to guide you towards budget-friendly, and widely available game-changing solutions. Stick with us and we’ll navigate the way to Switch to a whole range of eco-conscious alternatives and Ditch the water-laden, plastic-wrapped, and chemically-laden formulations that have long plagued our homes and ecosystems.

Switch & Ditch. Say goodbye to liquid products and hello to a dry alternative—empowering you to make a significant impact while leaving wasteful habits behind.

Reduced Packaging Waste

Concentrated or dry products typically come in smaller packaging compared to their diluted counterparts, leading to less waste generated during manufacturing, transportation, and disposal.  Many come with NO plastic at all and some bulk purchasing options offer the chance to go completely NAKED, with absolutely no packaging per single item.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Concentrated formulas require less water to be transported, reducing fuel consumption and emissions associated with transportation. This helps to mitigate the environmental impact of shipping and distribution.

Cost Effective

Concentrated products often provide more uses per container, offering better value for money over time. By requiring smaller amounts per use, consumers can stretch their budget further and save on frequent purchases, ultimately reducing household expenses.

Environmental Impact

Many concentrated products available on the market boast vegan, cruelty-free formulations devoid of harmful chemicals that could potentially leach into our precious lakes, rivers, and oceans

Reduced Water Consumption

With concentrated formulas, consumers dilute the product themselves, which can encourage mindful water usage. This not only conserves water but also promotes awareness of resource consumption, fostering environmentally conscious habits among individuals.

Space Saving

Smaller packaging means less storage space required, making it easier for us to organise our homes more efficiently and reduce clutter. This can lead to a more streamlined lifestyle and improved living conditions.

Want to Give Dry a Try?

Join us at our Sussex Green Hub in Horsham on the last Saturday of each month where our Zero Waste Shop volunteers will help you try and buy a whole host of dry alternatives to get you inspired on your sustainability journey.

This picture shows our lovely volunteer Marilyn switched from the bottle she has been refilling for 5 years to a Friendly kitchen bar and ditching the liquid refill that has been using  for years.

We also sell Ocean Saver laundry sheets. They are concentrated dry powerful plant-based sheets which clean, remove stains, and freshen even on cold washes (20°saving electricity and money on heating the water) and all without harming Ocean Life.
💰 From 22p/wash vs. Fairy (30p/wash)

Ocean Saver laundry sheets enable us to ditch cumbersome and messy laundry detergent bottles, many of these products are not environmentally friendly and find their way into our water courses and oceans and are potentially hazardous to the life forms that call those places home.

As well as these products we will still feature a few old favourites including, Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner bars and Overherd Oat Milk.  You can find more information about these products in the links below.

Do come along and see us at the Sussex Green Hub and we’ll always be willing to let you in on anything you’ve been missing and we would love you to share your favourite eco products with us too. Lets all go on a journey together!

Give OUR Dry a Try

Here are some of our favourite products which we stock in our Sussex Green Hub Zero Waste Shop and we will be selling from the mini Zero Waste Shop from our eco float at events.  Come and give Dry a Try with us or find other shops who sell these or similar products here. We would love to know how you get on with them, also, if you’re already on the Dry journey and have a product to recommend, we’d love to hear about it.

Faith in Nature

Ethical, sustainable, cruelty-free, natural, vegan and 98% biodegradable ingredients! Shampoo, conditioner and soap are silicone, paraben, SLS and SLES free, so good for you, the planet, animals and our oceans.

We sell Faith in Nature shampoo, conditioner and hand soap bare bars (and bottle refills) from our Zero Waste Shop at the Sussex Green Hub and from our eco float at events.


These environmentally friendly kitchen bars are made with plant-based ingredients, and free from plastic, palm oil and harmful chemicals like SLS and parabens. They are great for cleaning dishes, surfaces and removing stubborn laundry stains before washing. Oh and water free so come with a smaller carbon footprint than liquid equivalents.

We sell Friendly from our Zero Waste Shop at the Sussex Green Hub and from our eco float at events.

Ocean Saver

Home cleaning solutions with totally biodegradable plant-based ingredients.

🌊 Cleans like Fairy Non-Bio PODs, saves Oceans
🌟 Easy stain removal at 20°, zero residue
🌎 Plant-based, 100% plastic-free
👚 Use like a pod – pop in drum under clothes
💙 Very mild scent, low fragrance, kind to skin
💰 From 22p/wash vs. Fairy (30p/wash)

We sell Friendly from our Zero Waste Shop at the Sussex Green Hub and from our eco float at events.

Oat Milk powder

Sustainable oat milk powder, just add water or stir into hot drinks as an instant vegan creamer. It’s gluten free, creamy and made with organic oats.

90% less packaging, 10 x fewer lorries, no more gone off milk, great to take camping or on holiday. Better for people, planet and pocket (saving money)

We sell 400g and 800g bags of Overherd Oat Milk at the Sussex Green Hub and our eco float at events. Or you can use THIS link to receive 15% off your first order and earn £5 for Sussex Green Living!