Video Resources

During lockdown, our education programme moved online.

Here are our collection of videos that we created during that time. Aimed at primary school aged children, for use in the classroom or at home, the videos cover topics from upcycling for wildlife to recycling at home.

Upcycling to grow food and give wildlife a home for primary aged children

Become a Climate Champions using art and storytelling for primary aged children

Recycle and Recreate for the Planet for primary aged children

Makers Magic learn how to reuse materials as an art resource for primary aged children

Sing and Dance for the Planet for primary aged children

Love Your Clothes and Planet for primary aged children

More Video Resources

Films & Documentaries

Our world is changing and there are always new things to discover about climate change – the causes and mitigation.

We have collated some of our favourite documentaries, books and podcasts to help you learn about the climate and ecological crisis along with the solutions to building a sustainable world.