Horsham Repair Café

The Horsham Repair Café takes place on the last Saturday every month, 10am to 2.30pm at the United Reformed Church as part of Sussex Green Hub.

Horsham Repair Café – booking essential

Do you have a small unusable lamp or broken toaster in the garage that you keep meaning to take to the Waste Recycling centre? Often household items may have almost nothing wrong with them, and they could get a new lease of life after a simple repair, so please don’t bin them just yet!

Bring any small electrical item that doesn’t work or textile repair to the café and we will do our best to mend it. If you fancy learning how to fix it as well, our volunteers are happy to talk through what they are doing.  You may go away with a fixed item and a new skill!

NB: If you live outside of Horsham, scroll to the bottom of the page to learn about repair cafes in other areas.

Horsham Repair Cafe
Horsham Repair Cafe


In order that people are seen on time, we are now offering repairs by appointment, please book a slot below.

If we are fully booked you could see if another local repair cafe has availability by visiting www.sussexgreenliving.org.uk/repair

Electrical and Mechanical Repairs

We have a team of electrical and mechanical repairers who have fixed, vacuum cleaners to toasters, kettles to clocks and everything in between.

NB: We are no longer offering laptop/computer or mobile phone repairs.

Textile Repairs

We have a team of sewing volunteers to help you mend a range of clothing items.

Bike Repairs

Our bike repair service includes an initial assessment, consultation, and advice regarding bicycle related problems.

Meet some of the Team

Andrew R

Andrew R

Andrew joined the repair cafe in 2019 and as a retired System Engineer enjoys the challenge of fixing any domestic appliances whether the problem is electrical or mechanical.



Anna started sewing when she was 4 and picked up knitting, crocheting, weaving and spinning yarn along the way. She doesn’t like throwing anything away & has a chest of scrap fabric to prove it.



Earl loves all things bikes and joined the Repair Café in 2023. He does general bicycle check-ups, maintenance and repairs.



Jean got this sewing machine on her 21st birthday. It has stitched its way through wedding regalia, clothes for the children, curtains and much more. With it, Jean fixes all sorts of textile repairs!



John is our resident clock (and watch) expert. He also loves old gramophone players and is a dab hand at pottery repairs.



There isn’t a sewing challenge Ros won’t tackle! She has a particular love of restoring Teddy Bears and is a dab hand at fixing pottery too!



Simon has been volunteering as an electrical/mechanical repairer for five years. There‘s not much he can’t turn his hand to, from vacuum cleaners to lamps to remote controlled dogs!

So pleased with the shortening of my trousers. I so enjoy coming into The Repair Cafe – everyone is very pleasant and although busy you have a smile on your faces.

I had booked for the repair of one fan but brought two on the off chance. The gentleman who saw me was friendly and a very skilled electrician.  I came home with two working fans and did not have to purchase new ones or take them to the amenity tip.

I’m so grateful for the wonderful service provided by the Horsham Repair Café, (which I have attended twice now) and was thrilled to have both my toaster and hoover working again. Many thanks.

Thank you to the man that fixed my sewing machine, he was so kind and patient with my questions and went out of his way to explain what to do and how things worked. Your Repair Cafe is such a valuable resource and very appreciated especially during this very needy time.

Thank you so much for the amazing work you are all doing for others and for our planet. And what a commitment! The lovely gentleman who was fixing our vacuum cleaner even took it home to finish the job. It works perfectly well now. Thank you again!


The Horsham Repair Café is a free service, completely run by volunteers who are passionate about helping save unnecessary waste going to landfill. If you are happy with our service and you can afford it, we would love it if you felt you could make a donation as we are entirely dependent on these to keep running.

Donations are left to your discretion but as a guide, the average donation is £5 for a straightforward repair whilst £10 is appropriate for a more complicated repair.

Donations can be made by cash or credit card at the United Reformed Church, or, if you prefer, BACS payment from your mobile banking app or via PayPal. You can increase your donation by 25% just DOWNLOAD THE GIFT AID FORM HERE.

Horsham Repair Cafe

In the last 12 months, Horsham Repair Cafe has:


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Contact Us

If you have a general query or require advice, we can answer questions by email (), or by Zoom, and sometimes can advise on repairs remotely.

How to Find Us

When: Last Saturday of every month between 10am and 2.30pm

Where: Sussex Green Hub, United Reformed Church, 45 Springfield Road, Horsham, RH12 2RG (behind Wilko)

If you prefer to use the What 3 Words app to find us – here is the link to pinpoint the United Reformed Church – https://what3words.com/monkey.flown.stages

Horsham Repair Cafe

Repair Cafes in Horsham and beyond

Did you know we have a growing number of repair cafes across West Sussex?

Many local communities have set up repair cafes in their villages offering mechanical, electrical, textile repairs. Some also offer knife sharpening and computer repairs.