Education Resources

For those wishing to teach children and young people about climate change and climate solutions we hope this list of fantastic websites, teacher and pupil resources is helpful. If you find other useful resources please let us know and we will add them to this list. For schools in West Sussex we offer climate education assemblies, lessons and roadshows.

Climate Change Education Resources

Most of these resources are accessible online without cost.  

P – Resource mostly for Primary schools

S – Resource mostly for Secondary schools

Generic Resources

A Giant Change: view HERE      P

Centre for Human Rights and Citizenship Education (Dublin).  Teaching About Climate Change (Book). View HERE  P/S

The Tide Global Learning: Climate change, local and global: view HERE and supporting resources: HERE  P/S

Association for Science Education: Climate Change Evidence and Causes: view HERE and Effective strategies for talking about climate change in the classroom: view HERE S

Climate KIC: view HERE          S

Green Teacher: view HERE

Interclimate network: view HERE S

Peacemakers run climate workshops HERE  P/S

For Use in the Classroom

Explaining climate change to adults (video by children): view HERE P

CBBC: In pictures, the changing world. View HERE  P/S

Sussex Green Living: our own education resources HERE P/S

Design and Technology Association: Focus climate change (pay-for digital materials): view HERE P/S

Eco Schools: Resources for primary and secondary lessons HERE P/S

Geographical Association:

  • Investigating Climate Zones and Climate Change HERE P
  • Climate Change in Bangladesh case study HERE S
  • General climate change HERE

Oxfam climate challenge 7-11: Resources for 7-11 and 11-14 year olds HERE  P/S

Practical Action:

For Use in the Classroom

Royal Geographical Society:

  • Climate 4 Classrooms: HERE  S
  • Climate Change workshop resources: HERE  S
  • Climate change resources (KS3): HERE    S
  • Galapagos and El Nino (GCSE resource): HERE  S
  • Engineering our climate: HERE   P
  • Tempest resource extreme weather: HERE  P
  • 60 second guide to climate action: HERE

Time for Geography: Evidence of climate change – view video HERE   S

Transform Our World: lots of resources HERE  P/S

UN climate change / offsetting quiz view HERE P/S

The British Council: resources HERE

WWF: lots of resources and education available HERE

Promising Practices of Climate Action: case studies from Canada, downloadable HERE    P/S

Policy and Background

The Big Issue: Putting climate change on the curriculum (April 2019) HERE

Guardian language guidelines on the climate emergency: Read HERE

NAEE blogs:

  • Educators should give young people knowledge and understanding about climate change, but then allow them to speak out about it – read HERE
  • Climate change: still a challenge for English schools – read HERE

  • A curriculum that is serious about exploring rapid climate change – read HERE

Networks, Action and Support

Solutions for the planet: youth and business programmes HERE    S

The Climate Coalition organise Great Big Green Week. In 2023 this will happen 10th to 18th June: resources will be available HERE

Climate outreach: resources HERE

The Climate Reality Project Global Education Group (Facebook)

NAEE (Environmental Education): has curriculum guides and resources HERE

SEEd (Sustainability Education): resources HERE

Teachers Against Climate Breakdown: an online space for sharing teaching resources – view HERE P/S

West Midlands Sustainable Schools Network: a network of organisations and individuals providing support to schools – view HERE )

Related Issues

Hubbub: Plastic fishing: HERE  P

Plant for the planet: HERE P/S