Recycling for Charity

Sussex Green Living have set up various recycling schemes which divert waste resources, mainly single-use plastics, from landfill and into the circular economy.  Money raised from collecting these materials financially benefits charities and not-for-profit organisations.

The most important thing is that we upcycle or recycle these materials rather than put them in landfill or incinerators. Many of these materials are likely to take hundreds if not thousands of years to biodegrade into something we might ever be able to use again.

We work with a number of charities which recycle waste items that the council can’t usually take like ink cartridges, textiles, milk bottle tops and ring pulls.

Income generated through our recycling benefits: Purple Community Fund, Springboard Project, William Penn School, Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance and Sussex Green Living.


Ink cartridge recycling

We can take and recycle ANY inkjet cartridges and refills. We also receive a donation for Original Cartridges to help with our ongoing work. Our public drop off locations are:

  • William Penn Primary School, Coolham, Nr Billingshurst, RH13 8GR
  • Quaker Meeting House, Worthing Road, Horsham, RH12 1SL (please use the green bin by cottage door, right side of the main building, under the window)
  • Sussex Green Hub, last Saturday of the month, United Reformed Church, RH12 1PT

Ink cartridge recycling at work or school

If you would like to set up a collection box at work or school, up to £2 per cartridge will be donated to our environmental work. Just order a pre-paid box or bag from Recycle4Charity and use the Sussex Green Living code C73431.

Purple Community Fund recycle ring pulls

The Purple Community Fund

Aluminium ring pull recycling

Aluminium ring pulls can be recycled in council recycling bins, however we collect them for the Purple Community Fund, which helps Filipino families as part of their livelihood programme. The majority of these families earn a living from recycling the cities’ waste collected from landfills. The programme provides training for women to earn sustainable, reliable incomes by making upcycled products and have the opportunity to start their own business to support their family and keep their children in school.

The aluminium ring pulls we collect are upcycled into merchandise and we sell some of items at Events and at our monthly Sussex Green Hub.

Drop and Donate – put them in a bag and then pop them in our village collection bins or bring them to the Sussex Green Hub.

Bags of Support

Textile recycling for a good cause

West Sussex based mother of 3, Karrie, set up Bags of Support in 2012. She was frustrated by the amount of textile waste produced in this country and the simultaneous need for clothing abroad. This great community organisation helps to raise money for schools, prevents textiles from going to landfill and provides an ongoing supply of clothing and shoes to poor families in Romania as well as supporting communities in Uganda and Malawi.

There is no limit on the number of collections you can have but Bags of Support recommends one a term for the best results.

The clothes need to be clean and in good condition.

To book a one off collection or set up a recycling scheme, email or call 07917 797084. Money raised can go to your school, charity, community initiative or to support Bags of Support work!

Textile recycling
Milk bottle top recycling

The Springboard Project

Plastic milk bottle tops (2 and 4 only)

Plastic milk bottle tops can be recycled to make hard plastic toys for children, such as slides and other garden toys. They also go to make more bottle tops!

Income generated from this recycling benefits the Springboard Project in Horsham. It is a community based charity that provides inclusive play and leisure opportunities for families with young children and fun short breaks for children and teenagers with disabilities.

Plastic bottle tops can now be recycled in WSCC household recycling bins (as of 01.09.22). Squash the air out of the bottle and then put the lid on when the bottle is dry and clean (you can do the same with trigger sprays). We would prefer to keep giving the plastic milk bottle lids to the Springboard Project. If you would like to donate your bottle lids, take them to one of our Horsham District drop off locations as seen here.

The milk bottle lids need to be:

  • Washed and clean.
  • Free of any paper, rubber or foil inserts or labels.
  • Lids which display in a triangle on the underside of the lid the number 2, 02, 4 or 04.

Council Recycling

As well as the regular kerbside collection recycling, West Sussex County Council also offer recycling of Hard Plastics, Coffee Pods, Textiles, Large Furniture Items, Garden Waste.

Supermarket Recycling

Most supermarkets take soft plastics (more than just your carrier bags!) as well as batteries, water filter cartridges.

Charity Recycling

We raise money for various charities by recycling hard to recycle flexible plastics, printer cartridges, milk bottle tops, textiles and mobiles.

Reduce Waste

Switch from liquid products to dry concentrates, reducing weight by about 80%, packaging and CO2. Add the water at home and giving dry a try!