West Sussex County Council Recycling

West Sussex County Council recycle 53% of our household waste through kerbside recycling. Well above the national average of 44%. However, there is more you can recycle from food and garden waste to bulk items and batteries.

Your own District Council (who you pay your Council tax to), is your Collection Authority for all your kerbside collections.

West Sussex County Council (WSCC) is the Waste Disposal Authority and manages waste collected by your District Council.

Please note that we are based in Horsham District so there may be information below which only applies to Horsham. You can find out information about all of West Sussex on your local council website, the WSCC websites or through Recycle Now.

West Sussex recycling

Household Recycling

  • Use this site (all links open in new tab) to answer all your waste collection and recycling questions for waste that is collected by your council.
  • Where is my nearest Recycling centre?    Remember, each site can take slightly different items, so do check before you book and set off. Many sites now require booking online or via an App, and you’ll need an ID and car registration number.
  • This flyer reminds you what you can recycle.

If you can’t recycle with your council through bin collections or local centres, then look at our specialist schemes before you dispose of your waste. See links below.

Garden Waste

  • All West Sussex District Councils offer garden waste kerbside collection (opens in new tab) through a subscription service, or you can take it to your local recycling centre.
  • You can put in:  Plant prunings, grass cuttings, twigs and small branches no larger than the width of your wrist, old or used compost, leaves, weeds and flowers
  • But Not: household rubbish, soil, eggs or food waste, hardcore or rubble or plastics. And not even items labelled as compostable. 
  • And definitely not: Japanese knotweed or diseased plants including Ash Wood cuttings.
  • WSCC also offers a scheme to help you buy a home composting bin at a discounted rate from getcomposting.com
  • Here’s the link for Horsham District Council Garden Waste  but each District Council has its own site.
Garden Waste

Recycling Hard Plastics

Following a successful trial at several Recycling Centres, all West Sussex Recycling Centres (with the exception of Midhurst for size reasons) are now able to accept hard plastic items for recycling.

Items include flower pots, sandpits, coat hangers, plastic garden toys, plastic piping, buckets, storage containers, plastic patio furniture etc. Find out about specific items by searching the WSCC A-Z Recycling Guide.

Plastic bottles and food packaging items like pots, tubs and trays are already accepted in kerbside collections and can continue to be placed there – just make sure they are clean, dry and loose.

Food Waste

West Sussex and Food waste

  • From 2023, local authorities will be legally required to collect food waste separately and recycle all the waste that cannot be redistributed. These changes were introduced as part of the Environment Act 2021, which became law in November 2021.
  • Arun District Council, in partnership with West Sussex County Council, have been running a food waste collection trial. This includes weekly food waste and absorbent hygiene product (AHP), such as nappies and incontinence waste, collections.
  • In general, we encourage you to shop smart and reduce food waste, or donate surplus food to community fridges and food banks. If your food is past edible, then compost vegetable matter and teabags.

Special Items and Bulk Item Council Schemes

  • A number of District Councils, including Horsham, operate a clinical waste collection service . They’ll take bandages, incontinence pads, needles and sharps, and stoma bags. None of this should go in household waste, and your district council will supply boxes and packaging free of charge.
  • Most District Councils also offer a bulk collection scheme and also textiles & small electricals for items like mobile phones, e-cigarettes and laptops. The WSCC site allows you to search by postcode for large item schemes.
  • Many of the Council services will also recycle batteries. DON’T put the batteries inside the bin, simply place them in a small, clear plastic bag (such as a sandwich bag) and put the bag on top of your green-top refuse bin or your blue-top recycling bin on collection day.

Printer Cartridges & More

We raise money for various charities by recycling printer cartridges, milk bottle tops, textiles and mobiles.

Single use plastic recycling

Single-Use Plastics

There are many items that WSCC can’t take, Sussex Green Living have several recycling schemes for the hard-to-recycle items. Click here to find out what we offer and where.

supermarket recycling

Supermarket Recycling

Most supermarkets take soft plastics (more than just your carrier bags!) as well as batteries, water filter cartridges. Find out what your local store recycles here.


Don’t Recycle!

Have you thought about reusing your packaging and refilling? Or can your item be repaired. Find out more about refills and repair cafes in your area.

What can be recycled where

What can be recycled where

Still not sure where an item can be recycled?

Based on our latest research, we have compiled a list of key packaging items and where they can be recycled. Click on the image opposite to download and stick on your fridge.

If we have missed something out, please help us keep this page up-to-date by emailing

Or…Don’t Recycle!

ReUse and ReSell

Billingshurst Recycling Centre (known to some as the dump or tip) is currently trialing a Reuse Shop. The shop saves bric a brac, homeware, bikes (sold as seen) and furniture, including garden furniture, from going to waste. Items can be donated at this site as well as there being a shop outlet for patrons to purchase items which have been donated.

Repair – Give your waste a new lease of life

Repair your items (small household electrical appliances, toys and clothing) at your local Repair Cafe. Most are listed on HERE although we’ve found a few that aren’t so we list all local repair cafes that we know about HERE.

Our Horsham Repair Cafe, is on the last Saturday of every month at our Sussex Green Hub.

Repurpose – Pass your items on to others

There are many schemes such as Freecycle or Freegle which allow you to pass unwanted items on within your community.  Many schools operate school uniform schemes as well.

Hold a swishing party with friends…swishing parties are an easy way to update your wardrobe with no cost to your wallet and great for the environment. It works like a giant clothes swap: you bring items you no longer wear and exchange them for something new-to-you!

Donating to your local charity shop is a great way of reusing and reselling your unwanted things. Charity shops are also a great place to buy from as this reduces waste from new purchases, particularly clothing.