Bottle top recycling success story

Milk bottle tops

Written by Martin Cooke…..

I have coordinated the collection and then sale of milk bottle tops at St Paul’s Church for over 7 years, on behalf of the church’s “eco-group”. In that time GHS recycling Ltd (at Hilsea) has bought nearly £1,400 of the good quality milk bottle top plastic from us; this money has been given to the Sussex/East Hampshire children’s hospice Chestnut Tree House.  An estimated £1,600 has been saved in landfill tax, which the Council would have had to pay for the 25 or so tonnes of what would otherwise be waste.

GHS tell me we are the most productive collection centre their lorry visits (at a rate of about a tonne every 4 months).  They pay between £50 – £60 per tonne.

Once GHS have collected the bottle tops they are sorted on a small conveyor belt then shredded for reuse at a factory in Bradford, and elsewhere, where the plastic is reused to make fleeces, garden furniture and more tops. Our Sunday school youth club has painted distinctive directional signs to encourage people to recycle them.

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More information about plastic bottle top recycling can be found here.


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