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Learn How to Vote Wisely for the Planet and Enjoy a Lively Community Atmosphere!

Learn How to Vote Wisely for the Planet and Enjoy a Lively Community Atmosphere!.  Sussex Green Living is hosting the launch of Horsham MP Watch at the Sussex Green Hub this Saturday. Pat Smith from Dorking will be introducing MP Watch, (from 1-2pm) to explain the nationwide service it provides for residents.

The idea that amongst all the spin, information, misinformation, and media stories, the conflicting reports can to some extent be unravelled and facts presented more clearly to inform people about what government advisors are saying, what candidates are saying, what they are doing, and what the MPs are actually voting for (or against).

MP Watch aims to provide unbiased information about MPs across all parties, so voters can be better informed.

Our local MPs, Jeremy Quin and Andrew Griffith have been invited, along with the Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) from Horsham Labour, LibDem, and Green parties.  Do come along and find out more. Everyone is welcome, and we  promise to be lovely and pleasant and civilised!

And as for the liveliest arts, the jazz trio G.I.N. jazz will be playing for us during the morning.  The wonderful Community Fridge volunteers will be available as always from 10 AM, and the United Reformed Church volunteers will be providing cuppas and cakes throughout the day.  We’d love to see you


Horsham Cloth Nappy Library: Changing Nappies Changing Lives

Horsham Cloth Nappy Library: Changing Nappies Changing Lives

We’re Lucy and Sarah, local mums who loved cloth nappies for our babies so much that we’re now running the Horsham Cloth Nappy Library to support other families! As one of our favourite nappy retailers says, “You can change the world, – one nappy change at a time.”

Most people now recognise the damage single use plastics cause, and we’re making changes.  Let’s now extend our thinking to other single-use products! Read more

Transition Horsham’s Annual Seed Swap

Transition Horsham’s Annual Seed Swap 

It’s spring!  Well, nearly …we have some snowdrops out and it’s just glorious to see them.  It is at least the promise that spring is on the way, and it’s not just us humans who appreciate the flowers-the insects also appreciate the life-giving nectar in these early blossoms.

If you’re a gardener, you’ll be thinking of what seeds you’ll plant this year too, and Sussex Green Hub’s next meeting on 24th February can help you with that, as Transition Horsham will be hosting their annual Seed Swap. Read more

Give Dry A Try in 2024

Give Dry a Try in 2024

We started our ‘Give Dry a Try’ campaign in January – but not for the reason you might be thinking – though that’s an excellent idea as well!

From January 27th, the Sussex Green Hub our once a month event is encouraging all to ‘Give Dry a Try ‘ by offering concentrated water-free household cleaning and personal hygiene products, which can then have water added at home.

The photo to the left is one of our volunteers Marilyn showing the bottle she has been refilling for five years, she is now ditching liquid refills and switching to give ‘Dry a Try’!

Read more