Our Green Business Network is a partnership opportunity to provide awareness, education and initiatives to encourage employees to take action in the workplace and at home.

We seek to build collaborative partnerships with businesses that will benefit employees, management teams and Sussex Green Living equally.  We believe, in order to bring about lasting change, it is important to understand the context of the problem and workable solutions which help people and organisations move to a different mindset and lifestyle. We encourage businesses to include an education session as part of their partnership programme. In these sessions we work together to agree a core environmental topic, look at the problem, identify possible solutions and then deliver activities with employee participation.

We’d love for you to join our new GREEN BUSINESS NETWORK. 

Joining is easy and involves a choice of:

  • Booking a 45-minute ‘Lunch & Learn’ session for staff climate action, covering fast fashion, switch and ditch – making better shopping choices, waste reduction, biodiversity, and more. Online, in person or a combination of the two, includes Q&A and a green action plan.
  • Sponsoring one of our key initiatives, such as a Pollination Education Station
  • Selecting Sussex Green Living as a charity to fundraise for. 

Why Join?

    • Demonstrate ESG commitment
    • Stay ahead with eco-friendly practices
    • Mitigate risks, ensure resilience
    • Positive workplace, PR benefits
    • Support local community
  • Save money with sustainable practices


  • Payroll giving – enable employees to easily fund our community work 
  • Volunteer at our events and in schools. 
  • Pro bono: Lend your businesses’ skills or expertise. 


Britain’s nature, a depleted oasis, relies on pollinators for every third mouthful we savour – the unsung heroes behind our food and thriving ecosystems. Human activity has transformed built-up areas like Sussex, demanding innovative conservation solutions. Cue our Pollination Education Stations.

Our goal is to create a Pollination Education Station Trail across Sussex to boost biodiversity and amplify awareness of ongoing environmental initiatives. Together, let’s nurture our ecosystems and celebrate the essential role of pollinators.

What is a Pollination Education Station? 

A purpose-built structure crafted from repurposed materials, provides a safe, eco-luxury haven for our essential winged friends. Each station includes an educational plaque, fostering awareness and action. Plus a wooden ‘sponsored by’ sign.

How Can You Help?

Join businesses, pubs, councils, schools, colleges, groups, and individuals across Sussex:

  • Purchase and install a Pollinator Education Station on your property.
  • Sponsor a local school to host a station on their grounds.


Option 1. Supply and deliver a Pollination Education Station*, which includes herb bed and peat-free compost-only and plaque (without pollinator station materials and herbs/plant up yourself) = £500

Option 2. Green Business Network membership with 1 x online ‘Lunch & Learn’ session = £500 

(same price in person within a 20-mile radius of Horsham; a quote can be provided for in-person sessions beyond 20 miles)

Option 3. Supply and deliver a complete, planted Pollination Education Station* = £900 

(this can either be for your own property, or you can ‘sponsor’ a school of your choice)

Option 4. Bronze Earth Protector package – Green Business Network membership with 1 x Lunch & Learn session and a supply-only Pollination Education Station* (1 above) = £1,000

Option 5. Green Earth Protector package – Green Business Network membership with 1 x Lunch & Learn session and a complete Pollination Education Station* (3 above) = £1,400

*Based on the MIDI which is H 150cm D 105cm and W 50cm, including an educational plaque printed on recycled plastic, plus a small wooden plaque with pyrography ‘Sponsored by … company name’. 

To get involved with our Green Business Network opportunities or to find out more, please contact us here.

Read about our work with Envitia a Horsham based data and IT company and the installation of our first Pollination Education Station on their trading estate here.


Lunch & Learn sessions on fast fashion and the environment, Switch & Ditch and more!

Pollination Education Station (MAXI)- getting our pollinators buzzing around your place of work

We are collaborating with Lily Cottage Upcycling and Horsham Mens Sheds. Three beautiful MIDI PES!

Download a copy of the sizes and costs here. 

Download a copy of the flyer here

Download a copy of this flyer here.

Each PES comes with this A2 educational plaque, explaining why they are important, what you can do for nature and signposting to solutions. This is the Horsham District version, a different version will be available for PES in other areas, download this flyer

Useful Apps

Here are some of our favourite greener living Apps from assessing your carbon footprint to managing your food waste. Try these out and see which ones work for you:

Giki Zero

Giki Zero

Our favourite carbon calculator – Calculate your carbon footprint and find steps to reduce it. Engage employees and build a culture with sustainability at its core.

WWF Carbon Footprint

WWF Carbon Footprint

Calculate your footprint with the My Footprint app then choose and track challenges to help you make small changes in your own life that add up to something bigger.

The planet app

The Planet App

Learn how to have carbon-conscious habits, receive daily tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint and earn points to move along your path towards sustainability.

Too Good to Go

Too Good to Go

Too Good To Go is a community of Waste Warriors fighting food waste together. As a user, save meals from stores and food professionals around you.



Food sharing app. Give and get free stuff and borrow and lend household items – all directly from your community.



Interactive second-hand shopping experience that replicates a lot of what we like about online shopping. Make sure you only buy from UK sellers or we are no better off!



Vinted is an online  community, thousands of brands, and a whole lot of second-hand style. Make sure you only buy from UK sellers or we are no better off!