The School Woodland Theatre Project

Clive Cobie an inspiring woodland conservationist has creatively converted a horsebox into a mobile woodland stage facilitating cross generational environmental song, dance and drama, anywhere and anytime! He offers a wide range of interactive ancient bushcraft skills which will show people the connection with nature, including plants edible and healing. His work inspires people to look after, protect and nurture their natural world.

This converted horse box is powered by used cooking oil, has a mobile workshop onboard and the exterior illustrates the evolution of Planet Earth in the form of a game. The School Woodland Theatre will be ably assisted by young people.

The School Woodland Theatre Project in 2021 will be available for schools, country shows and community events. It will form an integral part of our sustainable roadshow, learn more here.

Clive is steward to an ancient woodland in The Haven near Billingshurst, where he offers a wide range of tailored youth outdoor eduction activities including:

  • Recording biodiversity – youth groups learn about and record the biodiversity in areas of the woodland.
  • Learn about coppicing – the cut wood is then used by that group to create various crafts dependant upon the type of wood and interest. Through this work they will gain an in depth understanding of the connections underground and above the woodland surface.
  • Bushcraft skills – will be taught as an ongoing part of their connection with nature, including uses of plants edible/ healing.
  • Charcoal burning – uses of charcoal.
  • Upcycling with unwanted materials and nature’s materials – encouraging young people to think creatively and outside the box.
  • Drama – in the woodland theatre on using nature’s materials for prop design and costumes.
  • Helping to build and create a woodland theatre.
  • Collecting and potting up tree seeds, creating a tree nursery in partnership with Sussex Green Living and looking after the trees, in preparation for them to sel at the country shows and the sustainable roadshow.
  • Collecting wildflower seeds and finding places to rewild.
  • Sowing in upcycled seed trays/ food trays and selling as mini meadows, so people can plant and start a meadow in their garden.

You can connect with Clive through his Facebook page Plant Trees.