Cape of Good Hopes

Taking inspiration from the Coat of Hopes that was created for COP26, we are creating a Horsham Cape of Good Hopes.

The Cape is a collaborative community project designed to raise awareness of climate change. Individuals and groups make squares that represent their hopes and actions needed for a sustainable future. The squares are then stitched together to make a fabulous Cape of Good Hopes. So far we have had contributions from 5 year olds to 80 year olds – this truly is a community project.

Come on Horsham let’s get creative and share messages of hope and action on our Cape of Good Hopes.

How it Works

  • Each finished patch will be 10 cms square. If you are more ambitious, you could do 10 cms x 20 cms.
  • Your patch can be stitched, knitted, crocheted, printed, painted etc-whatever medium you like using resources which you already have or which have been donated.
  • Start with a piece of felt type blanket fabric so you have something firm to stitch on to.
  • Depending on your piece, you may want to allow 1 cm extra all round as a hem to enable easier sewing onto the Cape. If you use other material like strong cotton or calico, we ask you to turn a small hem or use pinking shears or blanket stitch around the cut edges to prevent fraying.
  • With a safety pin attach a note with your name, any message or story behind your patch and where you created it.
  • If you don’t have any fabric, material and embellishments are available from the Sussex Green Hub on the last Saturday of every month, 10 – 4 pm.

Please complete and return them to the Sussex Green Hub or to :
Mrs Jane Sharp, 13 Guildford Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1LU.

Cape of Hopes
Cape of Hopes
Cape of Hopes

The Cape – Work in Progress