Is the climate broken? Opinions from the people of Horsham

Is the climate broken? Should the Government be doing more about it? Can ordinary citizens do anything? How will things look for our children and grandchildren?

To find out what the people of Horsham think, we spent a recent lunchtime patrolling the busy streets around the Swan Walk Shopping Centre.

Do you think more action is needed on climate change? “Yes” was the answer from everyone we spoke to. Maybe it was that roasting summer, or the endless news of flood, fire and famine, but there’s no doubt – the people of Horsham understand the problem very well.

Do you think ordinary people should be doing more? “There’s only so much you can do,” was a pretty representative answer. Going vegetarian, using public transport, walking more, reducing plastic wrapping were all suggested. A younger interviewee worried, “It’s not taken seriously enough. People think it’s for the next generation.”

Do you think the Government should be doing more? Again, the answer was a definite,“Yes”.

“Change starts at the top,” said one.

By Keir Hartley

Keir Hartley