New disaster for families in the Philippines

Sussex Green Living actively promotes this amazing UK founded charity the Philippine Community Fund. We sell their upcycled merchandise on our recycled stand to raise money for them and show “there is no such thing as rubbish, just a waste resource in the wrong place”.  Well this charity and the 3,000 families which live on the same dumpsite as the charity, desperately need your help.

Over the last few days (16.05.14) PCF’s children and families have suffered another disaster which has left many in dire crisis. The owner of the dumpsite together with the support of the Government has authorised the eviction of all the residents and charities on the dump site.

The area is home to over 15,000 people, making approximately 3,000 families homeless. There are plans to relocate 150 families from the Navotas cemetery site as well.

PCF legal team are talking with the government as no clear relocation plans have yet been established. Some families have been offered an alternative area to live which is 4 hours away from our school but families will need to build their own homes.

PCF’s social workers are doing their best to support all of our children and their families by helping rebuild their homes or find them alternative accommodation. Our health and nutrition team have started providing meals because families have gone without food for several days now as they are unable to work. The scale of this problem is way beyond our resources and we are asking for donations to help us meet their needs.

A contribution of £250 will help provide food and shelter for a family. Please contribute whatever you can so that we can help as many families as possible.

PCF is committed to help relocate and find an alternative livelihood for as many families as we can and ensure that our students continue their studies with as little disruption as possible.

We will post regular updates on our Facebook page see

Cagayan Family

Marilyn one of PCFs grade 4 students has  lived on the dump site  for 11 years with Felix her father and six siblings. Felix’s only means of providing a meal a day for his children is to work as a scavenger on the dump site.  He said “Our house is untagged so we are not qualified to be relocated and I have no means of providing for my children, I don’t know where we will live or how we shall eat”.






Velloria Family
Edmar  has been  looking forward to starting in year 8 in our secondary school, and Edna his sister was about to start grade 2 . Their house was one of the first to be demolished,  they are now camping out in our clinic on the dump site until we can find a safer place for them to live. Edmar said  “Thanks for the big support,  we know that God can’t forsake us and we just need a faith. I hope we will have a permanent house because it is so difficult for us especially that we are studying not to have a home”.

Please share this, tweet it, Google+ and tell as many people as possible. The Philippine Community Fund families need your support.


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