A beautiful poem for the planet

field of rapeseed
Here’s to the sun that will light up the day
Here’s to the joy that will replace the grey
Here’s to the trees that will dance without care
Here’s to the forests that will always be there
Here’s to the fox that recovers from fear
Here’s to the species to never disappear
Here’s to our race, it is human and kind
Here’s to the awakening of all that are blind
Here’s to the self that we all must embrace
Here’s to the healing that will then take place
Here’s to us feeling the pain of the world
Here’s to the joy that will then be unfurled
Here’s to the role that we all can play
Here’s to us bringing forth a better day
Here’s to the new year, hopeful and free
Here is to us, to you and to me.
Happy New Year.
Poem by Oliver Dudok van Heel a Be The Change presenter
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