A green birthday present

Children and natureRather than buy a plastic toy which has gathered a huge carbon footprint by being imported from China, why not buy a child a butterfly kit?  Watch them Grow and Let them Go!

Raise five Painted Lady Butterflies while learning all about metamorphosis with Insect Lore’s best selling Butterfly Garden.  See each caterpillar’s transition as it matures, changes into a chrysalis, and finally emerges as a Painted Lady Butterfly! After observing your butterflies, experience the joy of releasing them into your garden or the park.

Children and naturechildren and naturechildren and nature

Recently we bought a kit for our 4 year old son Adam and we all found it an amazing and wonderful experience.  Adam and his Nan, the Revd. Genie Francis, performed this lovely butterfly releasing ceremony.

Revd. Genie: ‘We are gathered here today to release one of Adam’s five butterflies.  This ‘Painted Lady’ was the first to hatch.  She has been nurtured through being a caterpillar, into a chrysalis and has now transformed into this beautiful, brightly coloured butterfly.

Painted Lady, into the freedom of the natural world we release you, to feast from nectar offered by the flowers in this lovely garden and beyond.  Enjoy your adventure.  Go safely Painted Lady, go safely.

Out of her chrysalis,

Into the light.

Here goes the butterfly,

On her first flight.

Go safely, Painted Lady, go safely.

Adam will now play a piece of carefully chosen music to the butterfly as she stretches her wings for the very first time. Music, please Adam.’

Children and nature

Adam thinks: ‘Wow, where has she gone, perhaps the music I played was too loud, it must have frightened her away?’

This moment was transitional as we celebrated the symbolism of freedom and beauty.

If you would like a personal ceremony then contact Revd. Genie Francis:

She is a One Spirit Interfaith Minister and spiritual counsellor, she works with people regardless of faith, age, colour or beliefs, to create ceremonies that mark the milestones of life:  weddings, commitment and naming ceremonies, landmark birthdays, retirement, funeral, memorial ceremonies and more…

Contact: Revd. Genie Francis on 01403 273754



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