Beach clean feature

Beach clean & Art to highlight plastic waste in Eastbourne

Beach CleanNCS (National Citizens Service) Eastbourne is a volunteer youth group. They are currently running a social action project to raise awareness for Plastic Free Eastbourne which helps raise awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution and encourages people to reduce plastic waste.

On Thursday 14th July, they went from Eastbourne station down Terminus Road to the beach collecting as much waste as possible. A staggering amount of rubbish was collected, including over 500 cigarette butts. At the end of the day, they sorted the rubbish they collected and discarded any unusable waste.

The project continued on Friday, when they went outside Metro bank at the Beacon and created a piece of art using the waste they collected, more accurately they created a 2D sculpture of a seahorse to symbolize how our plastic pollution devastates marine life.


The team then went around the area, speaking with pedestrians and raising awareness of the cause.

“Plastic waste affects our generation so we should be the ones to take action”, one campaigner said. The project was designed to raise awareness of the problem on our beaches and encourage everyone to get involved, “It’s not just our duty to help the environment, it’s everyone’s.”

Oliver Sterno, Community Leader for Plastic Free Eastbourne, went on to say “We are so grateful for this group of young volunteers to help promote our campaign with this fun and popular event, which engaged many members of the public. Thank you NCS”