Benefits Of Solar Energy

solar power

It seems as if just about every day environmental practices are gaining ground in the news. As our planet’s environmental challenges become clearer, and receive more coverage, more and more people are inclined to make personal efforts toward helping to clean up and preserve the environment. And much of these individual efforts deal directly with the concept of solar power.

When considering switching to solar energy, many people make the simple mistake of assuming that this switch only involves solar panels on the roof of a house. However, while this is indeed one way in which people can harness solar energy, it’s actually only a small piece of the movement to solar power. These days, more and more products are coming out all the time that allow people to utilize solar energy for basic day-to-day practices. For example, at you’ll find everything from garden accessories to mobile phone chargers utilizing solar power!

But what are the actual benefits of using solar energy to power your devices, household, or even car? Here’s a quick rundown of some of the main positive effects.

  • No Combustion – When fossil fuels are burned to create power, CO2 is emitted into the environment, where it contributes to global warming and the general negative shift in the world’s atmosphere toward more extreme weather. No such emission takes place with the use of solar energy.
  • No Air Pollution – Similar to the CO2 issue, the burning of fossil fuels can also impact our environments more directly by flooding them with clouds of smog and carbon monoxide. Solar energy production causes no such pollution, and can keep the air in our cities cleaner and healthier.
  • Unlimited Energy – The Earth’s resources, and the different ways in which we traditionally produce power and fuel, are limited. The sun, on the other hand, provides vastly more energy than the world could ever use, and does so constantly. estimates, for example, that in a single second the sun produces 118 times the energy the United States used in all of 2003! While we can’t harness it all – we don’t need to, and it’s not going anywhere.
  • No Harmful Waste – One of the main alternatives to solar energy by “green” advocates is nuclear energy. In many ways, this energy form is indeed cleaner than today’s standard. However, it also produces dangerous nuclear waste, which requires careful treatment and storage. Solar energy produces no such waste, and is therefore figured by many to be the safer green energy form.


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