Easter Fun


Hot-cross buns, hot-cross buns, one a penny, two a penny, hot-cross buns!


Happy Easter everyone….. Get out into the garden and have a race around, here are a few fun and traditional free Easter games to play:

Egg rolling competition

Boil a few eggs, one per competitor, then have an egg decorating competition.  Once dry the fun really begins… find yourself a stick (no golf clubs that’s cheating); mark out a start line and a finish line, then have an egg rolling competition in the garden or back yard.  It makes a bit of a mess of the egg but it is very good fun!

Blowing Easter Eggs

Soak the eggs in a solution of water and vinegar overnight. This makes the eggs easier to paint the next day.  They can be painted with water colours or felt tip pens.  Make a little hole in both ends of the eggs, blow slowly until the yolk comes out (save it for cooking).  Rinse the egg and then decorate with paint, glue and glitter, dried flowers or in fact whatever you want.

The decorated eggs can have a ribbon glued to them, then can be hung from a twig (miniature tree) secured in a vase or perhaps a clay stand.  Happy blowing!

Oh and don’t forget the good old Easter Egg hunt!