Fire dragon chilli blog

My name is Adam, I am 10 years old. I have been growing chillies now for 2 years. This year I have grown 232 Ring of Fire chilli plants, which I am selling to raise money to care for stray dogs in Montenegro. My donations will pay for neutering, to stop unwanted puppies. Did you know that if one bitch is not newtered within 6 years she and her puppies could have bred 67,000 dogs. I have donated to Stray Aid Montenegro. It costs about €62.50 to sterilise a dog, so I am hoping to sell some of my chillies and products to raise more money for Stray Aid Montenegro.

The Ring of Fire chilli is a very useful everyday chilli that is very productive, producing long thin cayenne type pods that are 1cm wide by 6-7cm long. It’s chilli peppers mature from dark green to red and measure 70,000-85,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU’s). Medium heat! Most people buy chillies in the supermarket, they have generally been grown in hot countries like South America or Thailand, travelling about 5,600 miles, that is a lot of food miles when you can grow them at home. No packaging either!

This year I have bought 16 different types of chilli and pepper plants which include: Pearl chilli pepper, Ghost, Habanero, F1 Apache, Numex Twilight, F1 Medina, Cheyenne, Magum, Infero, Jalapeno, Carolina Reaper, Naga, Hot Carrot, Basket of Fire, Sweet Pepper and pepper Orange F1. I plan to sell a wider range of chilli plants next year.

This year I have also bought a dehydrator so I can dry the chillies and make chilli flakes. I bought three crab apple trees and have been foraging with my friend to collect crab apples and have made lots of crab apple and chilli jelly.

These are photos of some of the homeless dogs I cared for when I was on holiday in Montenegro, some of my chilli plants and products.


Chilli care instructions

1.Water morning and evening, don’t give too much at any one time.

2.If you see green fly why not make some eco spray:

. 100ml of water

. 2tbsp of washing up liquid

. pinch of cayenne pepper

. mix and spray

3. Grow in a warm, sunny, sheltered from the wind. You will get bigger crops if you grow in a greenhouse or conservatory.

4. As they grow, pot on into bigger pots or a grow bag.

5. If grown indoors we recommend to pollinate the flowers with a paint brush.

6. When the plant starts to get flowers start to give tomato ripe weekly.

7. The chillies are ready to be harvest when they turn red.

8. To keep the chillies fresh store them in the fridge.

9. You can make chilli jam and much more…

If you would like to buy a chilli plant, one of my jelly, preserves, chillies or chilli flakes please contact me through this page.