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Letter from Greenpeace…..

Will they ever stop? The South Downs National Park – a designated area of outstanding natural beauty – is now the target of frackers.

In December, I told you Celtique Energie had applied to drill for gas and oil in Wisborough Green, West Sussex.

Now they’re at it again, with a second application to drill in Fernhurst, which is within the South Downs National Park. This is a precursor to a fracking programme which could spread across this treasured landscape for the next 15-20 years.

Tell the South Downs National Park Authority to refuse permission to Celtique

Drilling for hard-to-reach fossil fuels in the South Downs National Park is madness for the climate, local environment and Sussex communities. It also undermines the growth of the UK’s clean energy industries, which are vital in our fight against climate change.

The iconic white cliffs of the South Downs set it apart from any other national park in Britain. The South Downs National Park Authority are responsible for its care, and on their website promise to act in the “interests of the people who live and work within it.” Let’s ensure they do that, by saying no to fracking.

You have until 22nd January to file your objection. Make sure the South Downs National Park Authority listens to local people, not just big business.

Click to tell the South Downs National Park Authority to say no to Celtique



P.S Check out the blog for suggestions on what you can say in your objection to the Authority.

More information about fracking here.


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