Help with climate emergency work and maybe win £25k

Community groups whose work benefits residents of the Horsham District have been invited to sign up to benefit from the new Horsham District Community Lottery. So Sussex Green Living and one of our outreach initiatives the Horsham Repair Cafe have signed up!

Ticket sales are now open, 60p from every £1 ticket will go to charities, voluntary organisations and other good causes whose work benefits Horsham District communities. Players of the lottery can win a £25,000 jackpot, plus smaller prizes.

1 in 50 – Every ticket has a 1 in 50 chance of winning a prize every week!

£25,000 prize if you match all 6 numbers in the correct order!

Who are we and what do we do for the Horsham community?

Why not download and share by email or in the social media. Or print and set up a syndicate with colleagues at work!

SUSSEX GREEN LIVING is a multi-award winning environmental awareness community initiative. Our mission is to educate and inspire people to make changes which reduce their impact on the Planet.

We offer practical solutions in Horsham District such as:

  • Special single-use plastic recycling service.
  • FREE climate change assemblies and lessons in schools.
  • Talks to adult groups.
  • Campaigning for a sustainable future.

With the help of the Horsham Quakers and lots of volunteers we run the HORSHAM REPAIR CAFE.

  • Repairing household electrical items, phones, clothes and other random items!
  • Help people switch to clean energy (saving money and the planet).
  • Supported by partners we also offer loose, dry and organic food, cleaning product bottle refill services
  • Advice on climate change solutions.

For the sake of our children and future generations please help us create a vibrant, sustainable and environmentally aware community in Horsham District. Thank you for caring.

Carrie Cort, founder of Sussex Green Living and Climate Reality Leader

Buy your ticket here for just £1 you might be one of the lucky winners! GOOD LUCK!


Inspiring sustainable living in Sussex