We all know what a rubbish year 2020 was and what a bad start to 2021 we have had, but the vaccines are being rolled out and we need to look forward positively into 2021. We wanted to share with you why we feel hopeful with this ‘History and Hope’ article which featured in the West Sussex County Times on 31st December and was included in the Nkuringo Education and Community Support newsletter, as seen below.

Most people now recognise and accept that the climate crisis is happening. Yet many people put their heads in the sand, thinking “it’s too big, what difference can I make?” Don’t worry – there are so many actions people can take to save money and help the planet. Sussex Green Living has lots of volunteers who share inspiring solutions and local initiatives which help educate adults and children and give them ways to take action. And there’s no getting away from it-cumulative small decisions, choices, and actions, make a very big difference.

Let’s think back in history and take heart.  Humankind has been through a long agricultural revolution, then a lengthy industrial revolution, more recently an exciting and fast digital revolution, which has changed our lives immeasurably and now, announced by our Prime Minister, a green industrial revolution, in Britain at least.

Now think of 1985 when scientists discovered that the Ozone Hole had become a palpable example of mankind’s ability to damage the Earth’s atmosphere. It became one of the most famous success stories in the history of climate activism. For once the international community were uncharacteristically quick to act, perhaps because the seemingly sudden appearance of a “hole” in the atmosphere made for such a compelling and easily understandable story. Within two years 46 nations had signed the Montreal Protocol in direct response, pledging to phase out substances known to cause ozone depletion. So – we can do it! There are even signs of co-ordinated international responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, with some notorious exceptions of course.

So although cynics might say that World leaders have been talking about climate change for 30 odd years with little to show for it, governments can take action fast and work together for a common goal when they really want to. Especially when there is pressure from the grassroots.  So we, as ordinary citizens, CAN and MUST change the course of the World for future generations. A shared world, a sustainable world, above all a world which will survive.

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These are three of our favourate pieces of art from the ‘Clean up and create’ a Bright New Future art competition we ran with the South Downs National Park in 2020. The competition was kindly sponsored by The Boltini Trust. We hope to run again this year. Well done to the artists for helping us to visualise the World which we can and are creating!

Art by Jasmine Howat age 10

Art by Mary Diskorin age 15

Grace Hipperson age 11

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