Launching the Horsham Climate Cafe

On Saturday 7th December 2019 in partnership with the Horsham Quakers we are launching the Horsham Climate Café with a tea party, young and old welcome!

It will take place on the first Saturday of every month 2pm until 4pm in the Quaker Meeting House, Worthing Road, Horsham, HR12 1SL (oppersite Sainsburys car park) after the morning’s Horsham Repair Café (10-1pm).

At the Climate Cafe people can meet informally and talk about climate change, eat delicious homemade cake, have a hot drink and join in the conversations about problems and solutions. You can come once or every month. Lets share ideas and actions people can take to reduce their impact, maybe taking away a ‘Pledge to the planet’ action each month! Download an action plan here – adult version and family version. Clean energy switching service available, just bring your last energy bill or use our site Big Clean Switch.

Due to demand from many young people living in Horsham District we want to provide a relaxed space where they can come together and share their climate concerns and actions. Initially this space will be for children and young people (age 11 and upwards).  We hope it will be led by the pupils and supported with adult facilitation and mentoring.

We know it can be difficult to talk about climate change with friends and family, so Climate Cafés are designed to provide a space to do just that. Come along and join in the discussions about our concerns and hopes.

Our longer term vision…

We have been exploring larger premises for the Horsham Repair Cafe and the Horsham Climate Café to run alongside each other, working with other Horsham partners. When we secure larger premises this might include:

Environmental petitioning – telling people about the most important petitions, their aims and impacts. We will encourage people to sign the petition(s) during their visit to the climate café.

Energy – sharing ways to save energy and reduce fuel poverty. Using our cost comparison and clean energy site we will help people switch their electricity suppliers for their homes and businesses often saving them money. Or people can use our site from the comfort of their home. As of December 2019 at the Horsham Repair Cafe we will be offering fuel poverty and energy saving advice thanks to a ‘CES Warming Communities’ grant. Learn more here

First green steps – or ‘Green watchers’. It’s similar to Weight Watchers where we help people take their first green steps, encouraging at least one green action a month. We hope they will come back month after month to be supported and monitored as they transition to a more sustainable life.

Youth Climate Forum – young people working together to share ideas, helping give them a voice and support activity and in collaboration with Fridays for Future, Parents for Future and Parent Pledge.

Science behind climate change – if visitors want to learn more about climate change science, we will be on hand to talk to them, suggesting reading and films to develop their knowledge. There are seven Climate Reality Leaders in West Sussex, all trained by the former US Vice President Al Gore along with leading climate change scientists who are part of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps. Carrie Cort, the founder of Sussex Green Living trained with the Climate Reality Leadership Corps in Manila, Philippines in March 2016. We plan to establish a rota so there is always someone on hand to answer questions and share information.

Local campaigning groups – Representatives from groups like No Incinerator for Horsham, CAGNE (Communities Against Gatwick Noise Emissions) and Extinction Rebellion Horsham will be welcome, but unlikely to attend every month.

The Horsham Repair Cafe is in the morning on the first Saturday of each month at the following locations:

The household cleaning product bottle refill service and the plastic free dry, organic and loose food will still take place at the Quaker Meeting House 10 – 1pm, with lots of advice about recycling and our single-use plastic recycling scheme.

At the Unitarian Church Hall 10 – 1pm (about four buildings up Worthing Road opposite the bus station – same postcode) – we will be repairing household electrical goods, phones, computers and textile repairs. Energy reduction, cost comparison and switching to clean energy and fuel poverty advice. Bookings for repairs and energy switching/advice can be booked here.

Want to get involved?

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