Poem – Spell of Creation

Beautiful Poppy fields
Within the flower there lies a seed,
In the seed there springs a tree,
In the tree there spreads a wood.
In the wood there burns a fire,
And in the fire there melts a stone,
Within the stone a ring of iron.
Within the ring there lies an O,
In the O there looks an eye,
In the eye there swims a sea.
And in the sea reflected sky,
And in the sky there shines the sun,
In the sun a bird of gold.
In the bird there beats a heart,
And from the heart there flows a song,
And in the song there sings a word.
In the word there speaks a world,
A word of joy, a word of grief,
From joy and grief there springs my love.
Oh love, my love, there springs a world,
And on the world there shines a sun,
And in the sun there burns a fire.
In the fire consumes my heart,
And in my heart there beats a bird,
And in this bird there wakes an eye.
Within the eye, earth, sea and sky,
Earth, sky and sea within an O,
Lie like the seeds within the flower.
Composed by Kathleen Raine
Contributed by Jean Francis, many thanks this is lovely.
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