Reasons to grow your own food

With the prices going right through the roof and the changes in how food is handled, this is a great time to work on growing your own vegetables, herbs and spices with some creative gardening work. If this is something you are considering or maybe something you did in the past you should know a few reasons first, such as the following:

Great tasting food

There is nothing quite like fresh and homegrown herbs and vegetables. Each recipe will come to life on its own with better flavor that is simply unforgettable. There is no flavor for sitting on the shelves, so you will need to make use of them whenever you can after gardening. And if it tastes good then that makes them even all the better.

Having safer food options

Working with food grown in your own area you will have a much smaller chance to suffer any contamination from manufacturing plants or any other sources. If it happens to be in your backyard then it will be safer for you.

You will have better health

Harvesting, planting, tilling and weeding as well as watering, breathing in nice fresh air and making this into a nice cardio exercise will be a good way to spend your days. It will also be a really amazing way to keep your stress levels down.

Nutrient packed vegetables

Studies have proven that organically grown food possesses more of the necessary minerals and vitamins than that grown using synthetic pesticides. A backyard gardening area will start with nicely nourished soil as well as providing more to our plants and our bodies in the end.

Less food waste in the end

Did you know that the average household throws out quite a bit of produce each year? There is no point in doing that when you can grow your own garden and to make do with a sustainable solution. Your food made from home gardening will taste better, be fresher and you will have a chance to enjoy it without letting it sit out and go bad.

Smaller environmental impact

Whether you believe it or not a garden in your backyard will really help the environment. Growing food without herbicides and pesticides will cut down on air and water pollution significantly, especially since there will be no point in transporting any of it across significant distances.

You can have a sense of pride

Nurturing plants, planting them and watching them grow as you do so will give you a sense of accomplishment only someone who creates can ever know. You will have a good chance to help feed your family and teach your children about organic gardening and its important role in keeping things healthy.

You will save energy

Did you know that factory farming today uses a lot more energy than whole other industries? Farms can eat up to 12 percent of a country’s total energy supply with the way they are handled in many areas around the world. You can make a difference by working on growing your own food with minimal expenditure of energy.

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