Rescue your Christmas waste!

Christmas is an exciting time of year, especially for little people, however it is also a very wasteful time of year. The recycling bins tend to be overflowing (at best) and the household waste bins equally full.  Here is one idea for reducing the waste in your recycling bin……



Save your Christmas wrapping paper, cracker decorations and any cracker toys, once everyone has finished playing with them. When the excitement of Christmas is over why not make some Christmas crackers with these beautiful materials? Rescue this years Christmas cracker box and store your upcycled crackers for Christmas 2015 in it. This is a fun activity for the family, reduces your Christmas waste and saves money next Christmas.  What is there not to like about that!  

Sorry about the photo quality, they are only quick snaps but hopefully they will give you the idea, this is an easy peasy activity!

Cracker tubes made out of cereal boxes

Reuse Christmas cracker toys another year.

Rescued Christmas cracker decorations

Upcycled Christmas material – next years crackers

Why not save your Christmas cards and then upcycle them into either Christmas present tags or Christmas cards for next Christmas. 


If you would like some “crafty help” upcycling your Christmas materials why not come and join us during week commencing 26th January 2015 in a shop in Swan Walk shopping centre, Horsham. West Sussex County Council Waste Prevention Team have negotiated the use of an empty unit, to promote waste reduction with the help of their voluntary Waste Prevention Advisors.  Email us for more information about the location and the timing of activities on or use our contact us form here.

Pedro's Green Club poster


In January 2015 we are starting Pedro’s Green After School Club at the William Penn Primary School in Coolham. Our first club session will be upcycling Christmas decorations. More information about our Green Club can be found here.



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