Southwater TerraCycle recycling drop-off

♬♫♪ We’ve got a Brand New Sussex Green Living Terracycle drop-off location in Southwater!* ♬♫♪

Here in West Sussex we’re very fortunate in that West Sussex County Council take a wide variety of materials in our kerbside bins for recycling. At present, however, there are a number of things they can’t yet take that can be recycled. This can be frustrating for those of us who are keen recyclers. A group of those frustrated parties, including Sussex Green Living, Southwater Church, Southwater Beavers and Southwater Scouts, (to name but a few), have got together with Terracycle to tackle some of this waste-that-isn’t-waste.  In addition to the clothes bank already there, Southwater Church now has two more recycling collection bins up by the Church Rooms on Church Lane.

The first bin is for crisp & snack packets only – all brands and all sizes.

The second bin is for
• Ballpoint pens, felt tips, biros, correction fluid, markers, glue sticks and highlighters
• Plastic wrapping for; sweet biscuits, cakes, crackers, chocolate, popcorn & nuts
• Fruit & Vegetable baby food pouches – Ella’s Kitchen and other brands (no pet food pouches please!)
• Plastic Milk Bottle Tops
• All other plastic container tops (metal lids can be recycled in kerbside Blue Bins)
• Plastic Air fresheners: cartridges and packaging
• Inkjet Cartridges
• Toothpaste tubes & caps, toothbrushes, heads from electric and battery toothbrushes
• Personal care & beauty products including: trigger heads & pumps, plastic tubes roll-on deodorants (Glass roll-ons can be recycled in kerbside Blue Bins)
• Home cleaning products: plastic bottle caps, trigger heads & pumps, cleaning wipe packaging
• Re-sealable packaging for cheese, dishwasher and washing machine tablets

All the usual suspects such as tins, plastic and glass bottles, etc. can go in your normal kerbside recycling.

Written by Nancy Brocks Sustainable Southwater

On this page you can locate our other Horsham District single use plastic village drop off locations and posters showing exactly what you can recycle.