Survey reveals South East is environmentally conscious

A recent survey has revealed some interesting results regarding green living in the south east of England. The survey asked the nation about how environmentally-conscious people were in their day to day lives. Of those taking part in the survey, a significant number were based in the South East; in fact, more people responded in that part of the country than anywhere else.

The survey, conducted by Pod Space, discovered that those living in the South East were found to be one of the most environmentally conscious regions in England. Of those surveyed, 62.7% said that factors such as low emissions and fuel efficiency affected their decision when buying a car.

As for day-to-day living, the South East responded positively about their reasons for recycling, with 67.3% saying that they did so because they wanted to make a difference to the environment, with a further 40% saying that they found recycling a very convenient part of their day.

A breeze being green?

With recent news of government approved plans for an offshore wind farm to be constructed just off the coast of Sussex, the South East is set to becoming the one of the most environmentally conscious regions in the UK. According to the BBC, the wind farm could potentially generate enough electricity to power 450,000 homes and construction is due to commence in 2015.

Should it come to fruition, then reliance on crumbling power stations is sure to fall in the long-term. For now, using electricity sparingly is the norm for many eco-friendly households throughout the South East.

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