Community Energy Horsham

On Wednesday 16th February 2022 our Sussex Green Ideas monthly Zoom meeting focused on how a group of Horsham residents are aiming to get clean renewable energy in Horsham District.

You can watch the Zoom video of the presentation by Mark Francis and Alison Marshall below, this is the presentation presented on the evening.

The key points were that there are many benefits from community solar energy

  • For a roof owner – free solar PV panels with free installation
  • For the electricity user – who may be a tenant or the owner – reduced cost electricity
  • For the community – an opportunity to invest in the solar panels with a 4% return
  • For the planet – reduced use of electricity from gas fired power stations and thus less CO2

We are looking for non-domestic south, southwest or south east facing pitched or flat roofs of at least tennis court size. The annual electricity use needs to be more than 70000 KWH per year, with a significant proportion used in the daytime. So roofs on farm buildings, academies, hotels, care homes, hospitals, police and fire stations, local authority buildings, libraries, offices, industrial and engineering buildings and those using refrigeration might be possibilities.

Community Energy Horsham is the face of Energise South in Horsham District


Zoom video from Sussex Green Ideas meeting where Community Energy Horsham was presented

Two page download flyer ‘What we are looking for’

Downloadable three page pdf with case studies

Downloadable two page pdf with benefits and roof requirements