Monthly carbon clinic at the Sussex Green Hub

Calling all climate commandos!

We’re facing the greatest human challenge of the 21st century in attempting to avert the extreme climate collapse which is endangering all the living beings we share this beautiful green and blue sphere with.

We CAN all make a difference no matter how small we may feel.  We human beings are capable of great destruction but also of great compassion. Please join us at our Sussex Green Hub at the United Reformed Church, RH12 1PT (near Wilko off West Street and the Lynd Cross pub and opposite  St John the Evangelist) on the last Saturday every month 10am – 4pm. Here you can attend our Carbon Clinic which as been designed to offer tailored advice and feedback to make your everyday living more sustainable and help keep our planet steady at 1.5°C global mean surface temperature (GMST).

The intention of this action is twofold: 1) to be able to offer support and education for a cleaner and more sustainable way of living – a conscious movement away from the prevalent blind consumerism. 2) to gain understanding about the geographical and cultural aspects of those who are passionate about making a difference.

In addition to our monthly carbon clinic we are  personalized interviews and will be designing a survey to map participants so we can bring the Inspiration Eco Station to visit you and your communities to share the love effectively!

Furthermore, especially in these times of rising resource cost and energy bills, living sustainably will not only help preserve our environment but also our bank balance. Work smart, not hard!  By gathering data on residents of West Sussex’s ecological behavioral patterns we may be able to see how far the message is spreading and where we require our efforts to focus.  We all have the power to drive change, we just need to believe that change is possible and act accordingly.

As Alexander the Great said, “There is nothing impossible to those who will try”.

People attending the carbon clinic will be delighted to learn that John Lewis and Waitrose Horsham have again offered a Great Green Hamper for those participating in our 2022 Small Green Steps Carbon Survey.

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Ideas and inspiration to reduce your impact on the planet can be found using one of these three great carbon footprint tools:

Service designed and delivered by volunteer Christian Minguillon