Sussex Greener Living Campaign

Pedro launches his Sussex Greener Living Campaign.

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Pedro has been very busy setting up lots of new recycling schemes to divert waste materials from the landfill in Warnham.  These great schemes will benefit the William Penn Primary School in Coolham, WAKOOS nursery in Billingshurst, Sussex Wildlife Trust and the The Philippine Community Fund.  Billingshurst Primary School have also set up some of their own recycling schemes. 

These are the waste resources which you can recycle; more information about the schemes and where you can deliver the recycling can be found in Pedro’s new Recycling Zone here.

Ella's Kitchen recycling Oral care recycling Tassimo drink packaging recycling Mobile Phone recycling Biscuit-Wrappers recycling laptop, ipad and tablet recycling Milk bottle topsWriting Instruments recycling

Plastic milk bottle tops, contrary to public belief can’t be recycled through the council, but never fear Pedro is here! Now you can recycle them to benefit one of these charities – WAKOOS children’s nursery in Billingshurst and or Sussex Wildlife Trust.


International Aid…..

Pedro is also diverting our landfill materials to help get Philippine families (children as young as 4) off their landfills and into work and school! Read more about The Philippine Community Fund (PCF) here. The waste resources marked with an * below can be recycled by the council, however you might want to choose to send some to help this fantastic worthy charity.

You can recycle:

Sussex Green Living receive Going Green Award

Glossy magazines made into beautiful jewellery*. Handbags made out of ring pull tabs*, as seen here.



Belt made from ring pulls

Belts and lampstands are made from ring pull tabs from canned food and drinks*.



Plastic bag recyclingBags made out of non-biodegradable plastic carrier bags.



Recycled crisp packet pencil case/clutch bagPencil cases and clutch bags……They need used toothpaste tubes and all types of foil*, laminates including crisp packets, phone directories, newspapers, juice cartons*, aluminium and steel cans*, jar lids from sauce bottles like Dolmio and curry sauces*.

To buy any of the beautiful recycled products which the PCF families have made visit


“Don’t buy it and bin it – recycle it”, says Pedro!

All you need to do is put the items in a secondhand carrier bag, making sure each type of recycling is clean, dry and in separate bags. Write on the bag which cause you want the money to go towards. If there is no cause written on the bag the proceeds will be split between them.

More information about the current recycling collection locations can be found here.  If you would like to offer to collect for your geographical area, please contact us and we will add any additional collection points to the site.


Next recycling initiative……

Pedro also wants to set up a more public recycling collection point in a Sussex town for any of the waste resources above and a new recycling scheme which is about to be launched which will enable us to recycle:

coffee refill packs, coffee jar lids, coffee bean bags, coffee sticks (the individual servings).  Please contact Pedro if you can help.


We want you, the people of Sussex, to take some ownership of Forward your suggestions for events, videos, parks and green spaces etc to be added to “your” site.

“Greening Sussex by Sussex families”