Sussex greening initiative goes global


Al Gore former US Vice President and Nobel Laureate invited West Sussex resident Carrie Cort to join him in the Philippines on his Climate Reality Leadership Corp training programme. Carrie winner of the BBC Surrey and Sussex Community Hero – Green Champion Award in November 2015 and initiator of the greening network Sussex Green Living attended this training event in Manila on 14 – 16th March.

The founder and chairman of the Climate Reality Project Al Gore, renowned climate scientists and communicators deliver a 3 day programme with people who are passionate about taking action to change the unsustainable way in which we are living.  Carrie said “I feel so honored to have been chosen to train with Al Gore, his team and 700 dynamic delegates from all over the world, 4 from the UK. It was a life changing experience which I would recommend anyone really wants to help Planet Earth and all who live on it.”  She continued “They take great leaders and makes them exceptional, providing the training in climate science, communications, and organizing to tell the story of climate change and inspire communities everywhere to take action. To date they have trained some 10,000 people in 130 countries.”

Attendees ranged from seasoned community leaders, concerned parents, business executives, university students, the youngest attendee was a twelve year old boy. Climate Reality Leaders come from all walks of life, they all have one thing in common a deep desire to make a difference and help solve the climate crisis. The programme gives attendees the knowledge and tools to change the world.

In January Carrie was introduced to Jenny Edwards another West Sussex resident who attended the Climate Reality Training in Miami in September 2015. On completion of the programme the aim is for attendees to go and share the knowledge, through presentations, talks, informal gatherings with their chosen audiences. Jenny and Carrie are teaming up to offer talks together.

To arrange for a Climate Reality talk in your community, group, business or school contact Carrie on . We offer:

  • Al Gore’s Climate Reality presentation and reasons to be joyful!  One and a half hours or four hour presentation.
  • Recycling and inspirational upcycling – One hour talk.
  • Philippine Community Fund and life on a dumpsite – One hour talk. Whilst in Manila I visited the Philippine Community Fund (now called Purple Community Fund or PCF) and the dumpsite where they lived.

More information about the programme can be seen


For more information contact Carrie Cort 07768 212833 .

Sussex Green Living 

Sussex Green Living is an environmental education and awareness initiative with a growing network of supporters and followers. In its short history it has won three awards for green work. Carrie says “As well as using the website and social media to spread the word, I have an ever growing network of Sussex residents who are keen to work towards a more sustainable future”.  This photograph shows one of the global green network meetings.

Left to right: Sarah Poole (SGL volunteer), Jeanie Francis (‘green’ interfaith minister), Laura Haffenden (SGL Volunteer and organiser of Kinder Tech Show), Beth Richardson (animal welfare & environmentalist), Karrie Mellor (Bags of Support/textile recycling benefiting orphans in Haiti, Uganda and Romania), Trish Norman (‘green’ interfaith minister), Jenny Edwards (Climate Reality Leadership Corp trained in Sept 15), front Carrie Cort (Sussex Green Living, Climate Reality Leadership Corp March 16), Jacob (Bags of Support eco-warrior) and Adam Cort (SGL eco-warrior).

Carrie provides environmental education and awareness through: fun green play sessions, talks and workshops for children’s nurseries, schools and groups for children and adults, communicates greener living through the Sussex Green Living ‘recycled stand’ at shows and supports event organisers which building in ‘green’ elements to their event.

In 2012 Carrie launched the Sussex Greener Living Campaign, which enables members of the public to collect waste resources which should go to landfill, instead we divert them into a recycling scheme managed by TerraCycle. To date over 70,000 items of waste plus hundreds of thousands of plastic bottle tops have been diverted and recycled into new products.  The income generated financially benefits the following charities and not for profit organisations:

  • William Penn Primary School
  • Horsham Matters
  • Philippine Community Fund
  • Springboard Project

For further information on the work of Sussex Green Living please see

Climate Reality Leadership Corp’s Chairman & Founder – Al Gore

Former Vice President Al Gore is co-founder and chairman of Generation Investment

Management. He is a senior partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and a member of Apple, Inc.’s board of directors. Gore spends the majority of his time as chairman of The Climate Reality Project, a nonprofit devoted to solving the climate crisis. Gore was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1976, 1978, 1980, and 1982 and the U.S. Senate in 1984 and 1990. He was inaugurated as the forty-fifth Vice President of the United States on January 20, 1993, and served eight years.

He is the author of the bestsellers Earth in the Balance, An Inconvenient Truth, The Assault on Reason, Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis, and most recently, The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change. He is the subject of an Oscar-winning documentary and is the co-recipient, with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for “informing the world of the dangers posed by climate change.”

The Climate Reality Leadership Corp is dedicated to unleashing a global cultural movement demanding action on the climate crisis.

Ordinary people face challenges. Climate Reality Leaders embrace them. The Climate Reality Leadership Corps is a global network of activists committed to taking on the climate crisis and solving the greatest threat humanity has ever faced. The program takes great leaders and makes them exceptional, providing the training in climate science, communications, and organizing to tell the story of climate change and inspire communities everywhere to take action. The result is a dynamic group of world-changers shaping the conversation on climate in forums from family dinners to international summits and building a 21st-century movement for solutions.


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