The Very Mysterious Black Sack!!

old manMy office used to be an Eco Centre. Today an elderly gent shuffled in with a look of real surprise on his face as he realised it was no longer the place he expected it to be. Over his shoulder he was carrying a large, black plastic sack which was almost, at bursting point. “I’ve brought my milk bottle tops in for recycling,” he said. I quickly explained that the centre had moved but I could help, as my daughter runs recycling schemes and I could pass them on to her. As I spoke, I wondered how in the world I would manage to carry his huge sack home on the train as well as my own things. He took a hand-full of milk bottle tops (unwashed) from one grubby pocket and from the other he extracted a crushed can and left still clutching his black sack thanking me for being so obliging. I still have no idea, what the big black sack contained but what I can tell you is that the milk bottle tops continue to arrive a pocket full at a time!

By Reverend Jean Francis, Carrie’s Mother.  She’s a Interfaith Minister and spiritual counsellor trained by the ‘One Spirit Interfaith Foundation.  More information about her services can be found here


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