Poem by Clive Cobie – There is a elephant in the room

The planet is crying , it’s raining down tears as her children are dying.

Like headless chickens we rush around , whilst the elephant trumpets her deafening sound.

The issues are gigantic ! We bury our heads in the sand, an allegory of problems that we can’t understand.

A.I. keeps our eyes on the screen , distracting our minds as the elephant screams,

“ Wake up, wake up there are problems to address, our planet is dying ,start fixing this mess“

There’s an ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, and it’s warming the air , we all know the problems, of these we despair!

The pen is mightier than the sword, as we each write our letters our voices will be heard.

Not email ,that’s digital, so easy to ignore !

But emphatically written and sent to the door,

A humble letter, what a powerful thing,

a simple analogy ; like David’s sling.

There’s an ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM that we choose not to see,

Let us all find the power to lift up our hand, writing the words, we will all understand. That working together will bring clarity. And if we’re in time, may set the elephant free!

The morals of our leaders have the answer to our call ,let us fill the room with letters ,from wall to wall!

©️cobie 2021

Clive Cobie is

Clive is one of our Bright New Future Roadshow partners, he has creatively converted a horsebox into an evolutionary planet game and mobile woodland stage also interactive bushcraft activities, food chain game, UK trees in pots form a woodland circle, all to inspire people to look after, protect and nurture their natural world. Learn more here www.sussexgreenliving.co.uk/green-education/woodland-theatre-project/)