7 Vegetables You Can Easily Grow Indoors

You will not need to be an absolute green thumb to have good and fresh amount of vegetables in your backyard or on your balcony. Whether you have no experience or some experience with gardening and landscaping is of no consequence, as these vegetables are something that requires the least amount of care and effort to grow. There are many reasons why growing vegetables at home can be a much better way instead of purchasing them from stores. This will lower the amount of carbon emissions due to transportation of goods and it will keep things much more environmentally friendly than they would be otherwise. Let’s get started with the first vegetable on our list:

  • Lettuce and salad greens

Lettuce will grow pretty quickly and it will be pretty easy to harvest as well. All you need to do is snip the tops off the plants or to pick leaves as you need them. They can also be grown in containers, even when they are accompanied by flowers or even placed under taller plants. You can even have success when you are planting them in areas of partial shade.

  • Tomatoes

Possibly one of the most popular vegetables on this planet, you can use and grow tomatoesin hanging baskets and all manner of containers anywhere with sufficient sun and support for tomato stalks. Starter plants bought from a garden center will be much easier to grow.

  • Cucumbers

They can thrive on warm temperatures and sunlight, as long as they have a support for climbing. They tend to do quite well in containers during gardening, so once you give them enough of that they will grow quite nicely. You may even have enough cucumbers to give out to friends and family.

  • Carrots

Whole carrots will be pretty easy to grow in the ground, as long as you keep in mind that they will not grow large, especially if the soil happens to be rocky. Deep and well drained soil will be a preferable choice, even better the opportunity of using a raised bed. They can be a lot of fun to grow during gardening, tolerating light shade unlike most plants that prefer full sun.

  • Radishes

You can work on slicing radishes into salads, but they can be much more versatile than simply using them that way. You can use them for side dishes, snacks, appetizers and more. They happen to be really easy to grow, so adding them to your garden will make for a really nice approach as well.

  • Green beans

All manner of green beans from snap beans to whole beans and shell beans will be a good addition to your home garden. There are many varieties you can choose from and harvesting them can be a lot of fun in the process.

They grow quite well and quickly, so you would be surprised at the easy way you can make use of them as time goes by.  You can use them easily without any issues whatsoever and growing them will be a lot of fun.

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