A Sustainable Future for Tourism Business

Green Hotels in Las VegasWatching the green movement travel around the world has been an incredible sight.  As businesses make the decision to change over to green building practices and sustainable materials, it’s important that they are recognized and applauded for doing so. This ultimately helps other businesses see the benefits of making changes and becoming greener. As a commercial contractor, I’ve worked with a variety of business owners who just want to get LEED certified. However, it’s about doing something more, and these organizations and tourism businesses prove that.

As more hotels become eco-friendly, it’s essential to recognize what hotels are actually really changing and which ones are just claiming to be eco-friendly. The ink48 hotel has a number of policies regarding green materials and recyclable products. They use organic food and also have a program called Earthcare. With this program, members get together to discuss ways in which to do green business.

Recently, this hotel giant purchased millions of key cards that were rather special. These 24 million key cards were actually made from corn by-product rather than plastic. The company made this decision and was able to save 66 tons of plastics from going right into a landfill. Recycling plastic matter is one of the best things that you can do for the planet since it’s one of the more toxic and harmful materials that humans have created.Most Eco-Friendly Hotel in America" award

In Vegas, everything’s a bit more luxurious. There are hundreds of attractions, over100,000 guest rooms and millions of travellers that come through the big city each year. One hotel was still able to make the most changes that I have ever seen a hotel make. For that, the Las Vegas Palazzo Hotel and Resort was awarded the “Most Eco-Friendly Hotel in America” award. The hotel now has a solar heat energy system, water recycling program and waste reuse program.

It’s so inspirational to see businesses making changes to reduce their carbon footprint. This is especially noticeable with the new green Las Vegas hotels continuing to be built. If we can spread this culture of conservation even further, we’ll be able to preserve our planet for many new generations.

Blog by Sam Marquit, an independent ‘green’ contractor and co-author of Fair Marquit Value.

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