Moving into the Ecological Age

Fossil fuelOut with the old and in with the new we say!  It is time we move away from using ancient sunlight (unsustainable fuel sources) such as coal, gas and oil and we all need to harness the renewable energy of wind, sunlight and the sea.  I read this wonderful letter in the West Sussex County Times last week and thought I must share it with you.  Written by Nicola Peel an Environmentalist whose home is in Pulborough, West Sussex.  She spends her summers giving talks and working with schools and her winters in the Amazon doing incredible environmental work.

“I am extremely concerned about  the latest news regarding Celtique’s application to look for fossil fuels in Wisborough Green. Its amazing to think we are now in 2013 and still playing with the dinosaurs. With all the fantastic technological advances in small scale hydro, wind, solar, tide and wave why are we still looking to extract resources which will only last for a couple of years.

The potential threats of water contamination may not bother some people, or the slight earth movement or tremors which have been experienced else where or releasing more methane into the atmosphere. When many of us are still cooking with gas how can we say no to it? The question is when are we going to move on from it?

Gas, oil and coal, traditional fuels made from ancient sunlight, will not last forever and then what? Why are we dragging our feet before moving excitedly into the Ecological Age. Surely now is the time to move into a new era out of the Age of Extraction and Destruction and into a new Era of Co-operation, thus working with the Earth rather than against it. It is inevitable, the only question is when.

It really is quite amazing that we live on an island and still don’t seem to have realised the huge potential of the energy that surrounds us. The ocean which continually goes up and down, in and out every day and doesn’t stop, kind of like an oil derrick or gas well but it wont run out.

Supporting short term resource extraction is not caring for our children’s future or the environment. The get-rich-quick-fix may work for a few but when looked at overall, there are no long term benefits.

We inherited the Industrial Age but what are our children and their children going to inherit? What have we left them? How will they power their lives and heat their houses when we have used all the oil and gas?

We really need to to start re-assessing our beliefs and looking more long term, “we” I include the resource extraction company’s as well as “we” the people.

There are alternatives and they have been with us seemingly for ever. For example, the mills worked efficiently, our ancestors knew the best places for using the power of wind and water, with today’s modern technology we need to embrace the wisdom of the past and the future.

While all progress is change, all change is not necessarily progress. Let us move into a new clean future based on the energy that is above and not below ground.
Good energy 100% renewable
By way of illustration, I invite you to access the  following Good Energy’s website, a company which uses  100% renewables and whose motto is “Tomorrows energy today”. They also cost less than the Big 6, so a win win all around. I do not in anyway work for them but wish to support company’s with a positive vision of the future.

I hope that you , like me, will wish to support such companies which have a positive approach to both the present and the future of our locality, our country and our world.  By so doing we contribute towards the protection of both present and future generations.

To a world once again powered by the sun, the movement of water and the wind.”

Nicola Peel
West Chiltington Rd

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