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Rainbow Brands: Buzzing Products Healthy Lifestyles

We are delighted to be featured on Sussex Green Living it is doing great work to inspire more smarter environmentally friendly living and it certainly shares our ethos to help bring about this positive change in our communities.

At Rainbow Brands our mission is to celebrate the great outdoors and sell premium buzzing products that promote healthy lifestyles to help alleviate the stress on us as individuals and on the environment.  We carefully pick authentic and exciting brands that have the ability to inspire change for the better.

We want to provoke thought and help affect small collective positive change as they have the power to achieve big results.

The Cora Ball

We are the UK distributor of the Cora Ball which has recently been picked to be a My Green Pod Hero product.

Some quick facts about the Cora Ball that make it a buzzing product:

  1. The world’s first microfiber catching laundry ball.
  2. The Cora Ball is inspired by the way coral filters the ocean.
  3. Collects microfibers so we can dispose of microfibers in the right way.
  4. The Cora Ball protects the ocean, its creatures and our human food web.
  5. Simple human-scale solution that has a big impact wash after wash.

The Cora Ball also reminds people that our drains are connected to the natural world which inspires other behaviours that help everyone live in a way that protects, rather than destroys, our planet*.  A recent independent, peer-reviewed paper by the University of Toronto published in Marine Pollution Bulletin determined that the Cora Ball catches 26% of fibers that would otherwise wash out the drain (based on a fleece blanket).  The paper also pointed out something important; that lots of people making just one small effort, can have big positive impact, in this case, on our lakes, rivers, bays and one, big ocean.

Where you can meet us this year

We will be attending a number of events this year:

  • The Zero Mkt London in Chelsea on the 13 April
  • Sustainable Fashion Fair For Fashion Revolution Week in Kensington 28 April
  • Market Takeover for the Sustainable Festival in St Albans on the 19 May
  • The Slalom World Cup at Lee Valley White Water Centre 14 to 16 June
  • STEAM event at Penthorpe School in West Sussex on the 20 September

We very much hope to see you at one or more of these events.  Get in touch online and become a member via our website and join our community of “busy bees” and share ideas with fellow members and help make an impact.

To learn more about Rainbow Brands and the other brands we sell and work with visit

Stay safe keep buzzing!

Selchouk Sami, Founder

*Sussex Green Living offer free assemblies and lessons in schools, related topics include: ‘Love your clothes and planet’ and ‘Plastic journey to the sea’ which is a science lesson using synthetic fabrics, looking at the journey of microfibers and the children learn about the Cora Ball. We would be happy to offer this lesson in your school or your school could deliver the lesson ‘Plastic journey to the sea’ using this British Science Week lesson plan.

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