Family fun in the countryside

Fittleworth geocachingDo you love getting out into the countryside? Inhaling fresh air, feeling the wind and sun on your face?  Do you need to occupy and exercise your children but be mindful of your weekly spend?  Well you can achieve all this and get some mental and physical exercise for your family by simply going for a walk in our wonderful countryside.  Then why not try geocaching?

What is geocaching do I hear you say?   It is the modern day equivalent of a treasure hunt. Children and adults alike absolutely love geocaching, it ticks all the boxes above, it  encourages exploration of the world around them, its great for boosting an interest in geography, science, ecology and enhancing team-building skills. What’s not to love?!

We are currently planning some Sussex Green Living Walk with Nature geocaches and Sussex Green Living geocachingTrash or Treasure geocaches.  Walk with nature will focus on the nature all around you, using trees and nature as your prompts when searching for the cache or treasure.  Trash or Treasure geocaches will also take you off into some stunning countryside with the end caches or treasures testing your knowledge about recycling.  If recycling seems a strange connection, then think about it….what is paper and cardboard made from?  Trees.  What is plastic made from?  Petroleum from deep down from Planet Earth.  Everything around us is made out of natural resources from our planet, we must treasure these materials, reuse or recycle them.  These trails will help to connect you with the wonderful planet on which we live.

In addition to geocaches periodically we arrange treasure hunts with families, to see our latest treasure hunt click here.  If you are interested in joining us on one of our geocaches then email us to express and interest and we will keep you informed about forthcoming dates.   Sometimes they are spur of the moment events with short notice, due to the weather.

Learn more about Geocaching here.

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