Outdoor Education

We strongly believe to solve the climate and ecological crisis it is essential people of all ages love and appreciate the planet and natural world. Those learning outdoors develop their creativity, problem-solving, independence, confidence and more. Playing in natural spaces supports a child’s sense of self, allowing children to recognise their independence alongside an interdependence and connectedness with their ecological worlds.

Many of our education activities take place outdoors to allow students to connect with nature. We also organise ad hoc outdoor education events and workshops.

Windturbine, solar and woodworking workshops

During the summer of 2020 we organised a series of windturbine, solar and woodworking workshops for young people. Take a look at the fun we all had in the photos below.

Beyond Be-leaf Event

In July 2021 the Youth Eco Forum arranged a special day of outdoor learning for school pupils in the Horsham area. Their goal was to give local young people from all backgrounds the opportunity to experience, love, and protect our planet.

The YEF members believe that protecting the planet begins with being inspired to love the natural world and so want to offer a day of eco-themed activities in the School Woodland Project woods. The day included the activities above plus:
• Outdoor dance workshop
• A nature walk
• Cooking, discussing and eating sustainable food together exploring pros and cons of different options (organic, local, plant-based, zero waste…)
• Storytelling/acting in the on-site eco theatrethere would also be the opportunity to get creative with making backdrops for the School Woodland Mobile Theatre, illustrating the importance of key climate issues.