Guildford Community Hub unites community

On Tuesday evening our Horsham Future Forum were inspired by a presentation about the new Guildford Community Hub which it is in the early stages of development. It consists of 12 different local organisations working together, their aim: education and engaging the wider population to drive behavioural change, and thereby try to reduce consumption emissions. Presented by Ben McCallan.

The Guildford Community Hub is built on a model called Space Generators, which has been operating for about 30 years. Space Generators focus on arts environmental community and sustainability projects / events using their network built up since 1992, when their campaign for the reuse of empty space began after the Rio Earth Summit. They tailor events or create a variety of modules to match vacant space in the interim period before development. Helping to provide space for local community use.

Currently there are Community Hubs being formed in Staines, Farnham, Elmbridge and two in Scotland. Could we develop a community hub in Horsham?

You can watch Ben’s presentation below and or download his template presentation here. You are free to use this template to try and build support for a community hub in your area, feel free to alter it however you like, or use it for ideas and start from scratch, but to please make a copy rather than editing this link, as others need to use it too.

Watch Ben’s presentation here. View the PPT presentation here.

197 countries committed to Paris Agreement, only 17 are currently meeting their pledges.  We urgently need to get more creative around engaging our communities in carbon reduction and building resilient communities.


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