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  • Over the last 10 years the UK has made some good progress reducing the carbon emissions associated with the generation of electricity. However – over the same timeframe – very little progress has been in reducing the emissions associated with heating our homes (ie “space heating” the heating of our home spaces). This is mostly due to our reliance on gas boilers in the home.
  • There are a number of options that can reduce the emissions related to space heating, not least improvements in home insulation (reducing wasted heat that “leaks” out of your home). But which insulation – wall, floor or roof ? And when you have optimised the insulation, which non-gas technology should you consider – solar, heat pumps (air source or ground source), or is there something new just around the corner ?
  • Warmer Sussex offer impartial advice (via a Retrofit Coordinator) to give you a plan/road map to reducing the emissions related to the space heating of your home. You will receive a bespoke Whole House Plan which looks at what has been done before, and what can be improved now. The Retrofit Coordinator considers the property, the clients budget, and any future plans they have (eg updating kitchen) when developing the strategy for the property. The insulation and ventilation will be considered first before starting to tackle heating/renewable.

While a total “optimised” packaged can cost £15,000 or more, there can be many small steps on the journey.

  • Cavity wall insulation can cost £345-£610 to install, and reduce your annual energy costs by £85-£280/yr (while reducing CO2 emissions by 335-1150kg CO2/year)
  • Improved insulation in your roof space can cost £250 to install, and reduce your annual energy costs by £20/yr (while reducing CO2 emissions by 70kg CO2/year)
  • Draught-proofing windows/doors can cost £20 and can save £20/yr.
  • And there are many other options

We know that the government plans to launch the Green Home Grants initiative in September with £5,000 vouchers available to the public. Some early details about that scheme can be found here (

So, maybe, now is the perfect time to consider how you might be able to reduce the emissions associated with the space heating of your home ?

On Saturday 1st August the Horsham Climate Cafe Soren Nellegaard from Retrofit Works – Warmer Sussex spoke about their services to Sussex homeowners, you can listen to the podcast here.

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