Plastic food packaging. We need your help!!!


South American Tree FrogDo you know which items are recycled with our “TerraCycle” schemes ?

We wish we could recycle all the plastic food packaging you have kindly donated however there are clear guidelines on which items will be accepted under the free TerraCyle recycling schemes that we are registered to.  Our small team of volunteers are working hard to sort through donations to remove all items which cannot be recycled under the TerraCycle schemes.

To help streamline the work of our volunteers here is a reminder of which plastic food packaging we can accept for recycling. Plastic food packaging from other sources will be discarded…..even if made of same or similar material. 

Please spread the word and let your friends and family know.

We accept:

  1. Crisp packets or similar savoury snacks  e.g. lentil curls, twiglets, tortilla chips, mini-cheddars, child/baby crisps.  No pure meat snacks packets e.g. No fridge raiders, No pork scratchings.
  1. Plastic wrappers from crackers, cakes, sweet biscuits, cereal bars, wafers, child/baby biscuits.
  1. Baby food pouches, with/without lids (any brand).
  1.  “Ella’s kitchen” branded plastic food wrappers.
  1. Dog/Cat food pouches, treat wrappers and dry food packets (any brand).

Please also kindly make sure your donations are empty and flat (not, folded or knotted).

Thank you!

Learn more about our single-use plastic recycling scheme here. Or read about what you can recycle through supermarkets here

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