Plastic Free Coronation Celebrations

During the weekend of Saturday 6th to Monday 8th May, there will be celebrations and parties all the country. Local town, Eastbourne, has put together a guide to help with the preparations and create eco-friendly events. We’re sure that King Charles would approve.

Eastbourne were awarded the status of Plastic Free Community in December 2019. This means that they are trying to rid the town of single-use plastics. For example, they have a network of refill stations around the town where people can refill their drinking bottles with free fresh drinking water. This eliminates the need for buying plastic bottles of water. The finished bottles often end up in the sea and are the third most frequently found waste item found on beach cleans across the country.

For the Coronation celebrations, Plastic Free Eastbourne have got some top tips for reducing your impact while celebrating. We know it may seem early to talk about the Coronation but planning ahead allows lots of time to purchase decorations and other goods that are not going to leave quantities of plastic debris that will remain on our planet indefinitely.

Top Tips for a Eco-Friendly Celebration – for individuals

  • Avoid the use of balloons for decoration. Paper “honeycomb” balls look fantastic and can be reused.
  • Paper chains look great and are fun for kids to make. Use strips of scrap paper.
  • No celebration is complete without bunting. You can make your own bunting from old fabric scraps or bedding (try not to buy new). Or if sewing isn’t your thing, try making bunting from felt triangles, rag-tie or ribbons.
  • To avoid unnecessary waste from single-use tableware ask neighbours to bring their own plates or picnic sets, or hire a party kit from a local supplier.
  • Have a plan for the clean up afterwards. How much can be reused, repurposed or recycled. Try to minimise waste.

Top Tips for a Eco-Friendly Celebration – for organisers

  • Avoid the use of balloons for decoration. Bunting or paper “honeycomb” balls look fantastic and can be reused.
  • Please do not use stickers or sticky labels
  • Food containers and drinks cups to give out to participants should not be plastic, such as polystyrene. They should be made of cardboard or paper or similar.
  • Plastic storage containers are fine but use wax cloths or reusable covers rather than clingfilm.
  • Please don’t allow single-use plastic bottles. Find out where the nearest Refill points are for the public to replenish their refillable drinking bottles.
  • Where offered, condiments, like ketchup, mustard and relishes, as well as sugar and salt, should to be made available in dispensers, not in sachets.
  • Please consider your carbon footprint when travelling to and from different events ~ choose walking or taking a bus over car travel.
  • Rubbish: please do your utmost to take all debris home with you.

Honeycomb Balloons

These paper ball alternative to plastic balloons can be bought online or Plastic Free Eastbourne have sets of 9 to sell for £9 each set. Any profits will go to their our cause. If interested, please contact

honeycomb balloons