Recycled Olympic Torch

Here is a simple and free recycling activity for the children during the summer holidays.

Recycled green and eco art

Materials needed:

  • Cardboard tube
  • Bottle or yoghurt pot
  • Secondhand but clean foil
  • Red and yellow tissue paper
  • Clear tape


Recycling fun - Olympic torchMake a hole in the bottom of the bottle or yoghurt pot.

Put the cardboard tube into the hole and tape to secure the tube and the bottle/pot together.

Lay the foil on the floor or table.

Place the tube and bottle/pot onto the foil and wrap to cover, then secure with tape.

Take some yellow and red tissue paper and push into the bottle or pot to create the flames.

Now all the children need to do is race around the garden or park doing the torch relay, burning off lots of energy!  Enjoy.

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