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Our Horsham Future Forum talk on Tuesday 30th June was presented by Peter Silburn the Secretary of the Horsham District Cycling Forum (HDCF). He shared the HDCF’s ideas for changes to create safer walking and cycling in Horsham town, including their future vision for a low traffic neighbourhood. You can watch Peter’s presentation below.
How can you help?
Write to the councillors below showing your support for improving the road networks to provide safer walking and cycling in the town or indeed in your own area if you do not live in Horsham. If campaigning for your village or town forward your letter to the relevant councillors.  If writing about Horsham please focus on the Albion Way cycle lane and any personal requests you might have, sending it to the councillors below. HDCF have provided some pointers to include:

  • You support the pop up cycle lane on Albion Way and hope it will become permanent

  • It will make it safer for people walking and on bikes

  • It’s only a short distance, and much more cycle infrastructure is needed across the town

  • Any personal story about riding a bike in Horsham?

  • Thanks to the council for making this start.

  • Stress the health benefit of less cars and more walking and cycling – cleaner air, less pollution, less C02 reducing Horsham Districts contribution to the climate crisis.
  • Here’s a useful stat: According to the National Travel Survey, in 2017-18 over 40% of urban journeys were under 2 miles – perfectly suited to walking and cycling. So anything that enables people to change from car use to ‘active travel’ is useful. And Albion Way is an example of that.
Send the letter to both West Sussex and Horsham councils (West Sussex run the roads, Horsham is the planning authority)

West Sussex County Council:

  Cabinet member for Highways & transport

 Council leader

 (supportive Horsham based councillor)

 (supportive Horsham based councillor)

Horsham District Council

   Council leader

 Cabinet member, lead on LCWIP

Plus these councillors:

This is the Horsham District Cycling Forum’s presentation from Tuesday 30th June

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