Sussex Green Living’s new Pollination Education Station initiative

Sussex Green Living’s new Pollination Education Station initiative!  We are proud to announce the launch of our latest initiative, the Pollination Education Station and we are now calling on businesses, pubs, councils, schools, groups, and individuals across West Sussex to get involved.

The PollinA pollination education station outside the corporate offices of a business with educational plaque ation Education Station initiative is a response to the urgent need to address the declining population of pollinators in Britain, which are vital for food production and maintaining ecosystems.

A Pollination Education Station is an eco-luxury destination for essential winged friends, such as solitary bees and butterflies. Each station is a purpose-built structure made from repurposed materials and provides a safe haven for pollinators to shelter, breed, and rest during their vital pollination missions. Each station comes with an educational plaque, creating awareness about the vital role of pollinators and offering suggestions for personal action. Plus a wooden ‘sponsored by’ sign. 

Organisations and individuals now have the opportunity to purchase and install a Pollination Education Station on their property or sponsor a local school to host one on their grounds. The goal is to create a Pollination Education Station Trail across West Sussex, contributing to increased biodiversity and environmental awareness.

We have various purchase opportunities starting from £500 for supply only and up to £1,400 for businesses looking to join our Green Business Network membership. By joining the Network, businesses can benefit from a ‘Lunch & Learn’ educational session for staff and install of a complete Pollination Education Station.

Carrie Cort, our Founder, commented:

“Britain, a nature-depleted oasis, relies on pollinators for every third mouthful we savour. They’re the unsung heroes behind our food and the key to thriving ecosystems.  Human activity has profoundly altered the entire landscape in built-up areas like Sussex, so traditional conservation efforts are not enough. 

“We all hold the power to drive positive change. By joining our Sussex Green Living’s Pollination Education Station initiative, organisations can not only demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability but also invest in the resilience and well-being of our local communities. It’s also a great opportunity for businesses to showcase corporate responsibility, enhance brand reputation, and lead the way in creating a greener, more sustainable future. With enough uptake, we’d love to be able to create a full Pollination Education Station Trail across the county, fostering biodiversity and raising awareness of crucial environmental initiatives.”

For more information on our Green Business Network opportunities or to purchase a Pollination Education Station, please get in touch with Carrie – at

Our sincere thanks go to PMW for their invaluable pro bono support in developing our Green Business Network and Pollination Education Station projects and associated marketing campaigns.