Top Environmental Influencers 2016

We are delighted to announce that our commitment to environmental sustainability has been recognised by Greenmatch and we have been included in their list of favourite Environmental Influencers of 2016.

This list includes environmental blogs, initiatives, individuals, sites and organisations influencing the discussion about the environment in 2016. They say…..

“Our team would like to appreciate you on your outstanding commitment towards the environment and the sustainable future. Greenmatch UK has been awarding influential blogs, sites, businesses and organisations annually who are positively impacting the well being of people and the environment like yours. Initiatives similar to yours who have created platforms for promoting, educating and engaging in issues of environmental importance.

We believe your aim at promoting and supporting a sustainable future within Sussex and the UK in general is remarkable and important in protecting the environment. We believe you are showing great initiative and your efforts are significant in encouraging others to engage in matters of similar importance, and enhancing healthy well being of individuals. Hence, this initiative qualifies as a perfect candidate for our top environmental influencers of 2016.”

This page gives more information about Greenmatch’s Top Environmental Influencers 2016 is a wonderful source of information about individuals, charities and organisations who are doing outstanding work for the environment and future generations (both human and the wider ecosystem).


Top Environmental Influencers 2016

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